Love Your Garden Series 12 Episode 3 Wildlife

Love Your Garden Series 12  Episode 3 Wildlife

Alan Titchmarsh welcomes us to Love Your Garden Series 12.

Alan tells us how important our gardens have become to us, they bring family and friends together, are good for our Mental and Physical Health as well as connecting us to Nature.

Lots of us have challenging gardens which we would like to become our dream garden they are often in fact a disaster zone.

So this year Alan and his team David DomoneyKatie RushworthFrances Tophill and Danny Clarke are going to surprise some inspirational people who gardens are some of the worst they have ever tackled.

They will also share the secrets of how they do this, giving us good ideas to transform the chosen garden as well as in our own gardens.

'Welcome to Love Your Garden'.

Beechgrove Gardens in Winter

Beechgrove Gardens in Winter

Beechgrove Gardens in Winter is a new Series that was first shown on BBC Scotland on 03 November 2022.

This will be repeated in a Sunday morning slot on BBC2 or it is available on the BBC iplayer.

Returning for the Winter Special are presenters Carole Baxter as well as George AndersonBrian CunninghamKirsty Wilson and Calum Clunie

Diana Yates who is  a familiar face from The Beechgrowers 2021  who has been featuring as part of a guest presenter team for Beechgrove 2022 is joining the team in the Garden.

Glorious Gardens From Above Episode 2 Essex

Glorious Gardens From Above Episode 2  Essex

She tells us that Great Britain has some of the best gardens in the world and this programme is about the wonderful plants and the wonderful people that tend to them.

Christine has found another way to enjoy a garden and that is from above!

She says you get to see a garden in a whole different light, how it sits in the landscape, the effects of the climate and she also loves ballooning. 

All of which she wants to share with us.

Kate Bradbury

Kate Bradbury

Kate Bradbury is a award-winning garden writer, broadcaster and Television presenter, specialising in wildlife gardening who appears on Gardeners' World

Kate grew up on the outskirts of Birmingham and had a back garden that was half an acre which she spent a lot of time in looking for worms and watching birds.

Kate appears on Autumn Watch, Radio 4s Gardeners' Question Time, and writes for various publications like The Guardian and Gardeners' World Magazine.

She is patron for amphibian and reptile charity Froglife and  Bumblebee Conservation Trust, and is the Garden Ambassador for Butterfly Conservation.

Kate lives in Hove near Brighton

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Kate Bradbury Books

The Wildlife Gardener

Wildlife Gardening: for Everyone and Everything (The Wildlife Trusts) 

The Bumblebee Flies Away: A Memoir of Love, Loss and Muddy Hands

RHS How to Create a Wildlife Pond: Plan, Dig, and Enjoy a Natural Pond in Your Own Back Garden

RHS The Tree in my Garden: Discover the Difference One Tree Can Make - Then Plant Your Own
With Lucille Clerc

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Filthy Garden SOS Episode 4 West London

Filthy Garden SOS Episode 4  West London

Filthy Garden SOS is a garden makeover show with a difference that was first shown in 2021 on 5 Star.

Award winning Garden Designer Diarmuid Gavin starts by telling us our gardens are our sanctuaries, private, plant filled, peaceful and green corners of this green covered land.
He goes on to tell us not all gardens are like that and the homeowners have not got the gardening bug and their gardens are shocking!

He actually calls them 'crimes against nature itself'.

Diarmuid tells us for as long as he been gardening he never seen gardens so bad.