The Instant Gardener Series 1: Episode 2

The Instant Gardener Series 1 Episode 2

The Instant Gardener is Danny Clarke Garden Designer, who with the help of Helen Skelton and the Team, show us how to transform a problem garden, on a budget in just 1 day.

Todays programme is from Barnsley, Yorkshire  and Helen goes to meet the homeowners, Claire and Richard, who are metal health workers and their 3 cats who all live in a new build house.

The couple have been married for 2 years and have been going through stressful and heart breaking IVF treatment to have a baby.

Jim McColl MBE

Jim McColl

Jim McColl was born in 1936 in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire and has gardening in his Genes.

His Father was a gardener, his Sister became a Market Gardener, one brother was a farmer and the other one a Forester.

His Grandfather who was a Steam engine driver from Glasgow to Carlisle and had an allotment where Jim spent a lot of time.

Grow Your Own At Home With Alan Titchmarsh Episode 5

Grow your own at home with Alan Titchmarsh

In Episode 5, Alan Titchmarsh is still at his home in his magnificent garden in Hampshire, filming Grow Your Own At Home with his wife Alison Titchmarsh AKA Mrs T Cam.

As Alan says 'nothing tastes better than fresh, mouth-watering home-grown fruit and veg. Freshness, pleasure and achievement'.

With more people having a go at growing their own, this programme helps guide you through the stages from planting to harvesting, whatever size growing space you have.

Garden Rescue Series 5: Episode 3

In this episode of Garden Rescue Series 5, Episode 3 the Garden Designers are Charlie Dimmock and The Rich Brothers, Harry and David Rich.

Their mission this week is to transform the garden of Canadian born Opera Singer Catherine and Comic Book Artist Christian, baby Olive and dog Thor in Shrewsbury.

The garden was very overgrown when they bought the house 2 years ago and they have managed to clear it but its far from finished!

George Anderson

George Anderson

George Anderson was born to be a Gardener.

Born into a family of keen gardeners and his Father and Uncle both being Market Gardeners its no surprise when George left School he became a Gardeners' Boy.

in 1966 he became the Head of School of Horticulture at The Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh he remained in this role for nearly 38 years before retiring in 2004.

Kirsty Wilson

Kirsty Wilson

Kirsty Wilson is a Gardener who was born in 1991 in Glasgow.

Her love for gardening started at the age of 14 when she got her own vegetable patch and the use of a greenhouse.

Grow Your Own At Home With Alan Titchmarsh Episode 4

Grow your own at home with Alan Titchmarsh Episode 4

Alan Titchmarsh is at his home in Hampshire with his wife Alison Titchmarsh AKA Camera Operator Mrs T Cam.

Alan wants to show us how easy, as well as enjoyable it is to Grow Your Own At Home along with his trusty Love Your Garden team of David Domoney, Katie Rushworth and Frances Tophill in their own gardens.

'Getting to your plate within moments and that is what all this is about'.

Gardeners' World 2020 Episode 9: 15 May 2020

Gardeners' World 2020 Episode 9 15 May 2020

Monty Don Welcomes us to his garden Longmeadow and to Gardeners' World 2020.

Longmeadow has been taken over by the spring growth spurt and especially with Cow Parsley that is everywhere in the Spring Garden.

As it is a weed some people would be worried by its appearance and it swamping other plants but Monty is enjoying the celebration of Spring and new life in the garden.

Grow Your Own At Home With Alan Titchmarsh Episode 3

Grow Your Own at Home with Alan Titchmarsh

Alan Titchmarsh  is at home with his wife Alison Titchmarsh AKA Mrs T Cam in their beautiful garden in Hampshire, filming Episode 3 of Grow Your Own At Home with Alan Titchmarsh.

Whatever size garden you have or if you don't have one at all, each week Alan and his wife AKA Mrs Titchmarsh are showing how easy it is to grow your own at home.

Alan's team from Love your Garden, David Domoney, Katie Rushworth and Frances Tophill are all busy at work in their own gardens. 

Beechgrove | The Beechgrove Garden

Beechgrove and The Beechgrove Garden titles

Beechgrove or as it was previously known by The Beechgrove Garden is BBC Scotland Flagship gardening programme that has been shown since 14 April 1978.

The original location of Beechgrove Garden was at the BBC Studios in Beechgrove Terrace in Aberdeen Scotland.

The idea for the programme came from an Executive visiting a TV garden in Boston and thought that because Scotland had its own unique weather issues it needed its own gardening show.

Brian Cunningham

Brian Cunningham

Brian Cunningham is a Gardener who was born in 1975 and was brought up in St Andrews, Scotland

He first got interested in gardening at just 9 years old as he helped the Greenkeeper at the bowling club his mother worked at.

After leaving school, Brian became an apprentice at Craigtoun Country Park.

His past Gardening roles were at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Edinburgh, St Andrews Botanic Gardens and the Backhouse Rossie Estate near Auchtermuchty.

In 2012, Brian became Head Gardener at Scone Palace near Perth, Scotland and still is to the present day.

From Little Acorns

In 2015 the television programme Beechgrove Gardens visited Scone Palace for their Chilli Festival.

Brian and Carole eating chillies

Carole Baxter, a Presenter on Beechgrove Gardens challenged Brian to a Chilli eating contest and he went down well (unlike the Chillies!) 

After the challenge Brian Cunningham became a guest presenter on Beechgrove Gardens.

In 2018, Beechgrove Gardens celebrated its 40th year on BBC Scotland.

In 2019. Presenter Jim McColl at the age of 83 retired, after being BBCs longest serving gardening presenter after more than 40 years on screen.

Beechgrove presenters

The Programme changed its name from Beechgrove Gardens to Beechgrove.

Alongside Brian Cunningham the current presenters on Beechgrove in 2020 are George Anderson, Carole Baxter, Chris BeardshawKirsty Wilson and Sophie McKilligan.

For the new season of Beechgrove 2021 he is joined by 2 new Presenters Mairi Rattray and Calum Clunie.

Brian is married to Alison and their  children often feature on Beechgrove showing how the whole family can be involved in the garden.

Brian Cunningham family

Brian's children, Eilidh and Ben are certainly following in their fathers footsteps with their knowledge of wildlife gardening and growing their own. 

They bring a whole new element to the programme that other gardening programmes do not have and hopefully encourage the next generation of Gardeners to give it a go.

Television programme

Brian Cunningham Television Programmes

Beechgrove Gardens

Beechgrove 2021


Brian Cunningham Twitter

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Carole Baxter

Carol Baxter

Carole Baxter is a gardener who was born in 1958 and grew up near Maidstone in Kent. 

As a child she would help her Father to look after their acre of land and she would earn her pocket money, stone picking in the garden.

Carole attended Sussex university where she obtained a Honours Degree in Geography.

Chris Beardshaw

Chris Beardshaw

Christopher Beardshaw is a Gardener who was born on 11 January 1969.

He may have got his love for gardening from his Grandmother, who was a no nonsense gardener that grew everything she could and he learnt a lot from her.

For his fourth birthday he was given his first propagator along with some seeds and a watering can.

Grow Your Own At Home With Alan Titchmarsh Episode 2

Grow Your Own At Home With Alan Titchmarsh Episode 2

In Grow Your Own At Home With Alan Titchmarsh Episode 2, Alan Titchmarsh welcomes us to  Grow Your Own At Home With Alan Titchmarsh by telling us that 'nothing nourishes the soul like growing your own food'.

Alan along with his wife Alison Titchmarsh AKA Mrs T Cam and the Love Your Garden team of David Domoney, Katie Rushworth and Frances Tophill ,each week they let us into their gardens to show us how they grow their own.

Alan says 'now is the time to take up your trowels and join us'.