Danny Clarke

Danny Clarke

Danny Clarke is a gardener and designer, who was born in Oxford in 1960.

His parents originally came from Jamaica and his father was a British Army Officer. 

His real name is Dannahue Barrington Clarke.

He ran his own sales company and after travelling, gained a love of the outdoors and design. 

In 1997 Danny started his own gardening business in Kent after completing a garden design course at Hadlow Horticultural College

Danny started calling himself the Black Gardener to get himself noticed.

Branching out

Danny Clarke is a host of The Instant Gardener. His new name got him noticed, he was asked in to screen test and got the job.

The Instant Gardener is a different kind of television Gardening transformation show offering quick fixes to problem areas in the garden and with no big budgets.

The garden ideas and planting advice are all within most viewers capabilities with basic DIY experience and the plants are all readily available in local garden centres.

Helen Skelton

One of the home owners goes with co-presenter Helen Skelton to look round a local garden and then to a garden centre to buy the shopping list items for the garden.

Danny with the help of his team AJ (Euan A. J. Rose) and Lou (Louise Hampden) plus the other home owner or friends and family complete the garden makeover.

Danny has also been a presenter for the RHS Flower Shows including RHS Chelsea Flower Show and the RHS Flower Show at Tatton Park and presented Tree of the Year in 2016.

Danny is involved with various charity work including Grow2Know project which was started following the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower in June 2017 to promote the healing power of nature in the community.

He made his debut in the first episode of Love Your Garden Themed Episodes 2021 first aired on Tuesday 13 July 2021 which sees Danny Joining Frances Tophill to help transform a garden in Love Your Small Garden Special.

In 2021 a new type of garden makeover show Filthy Garden SOS came to 5Star which saw Diarmuid Gavin along with Danny Clarke and Penny Lamb turn over run and derelict gardens into easy manageable dream gardens with the help of the homeowner.

In May 2023 at the Chelsea Flower Show Rose Growers David Austin Roses announced they were naming their new rose the Dannahue in honour of Danny Clarke.

Danny lives in Bromley Kent and has a daughter and two Grandchildren.

When life gives you lemons

Danny's sister sadly died of a Brain Tumour and he is a Patron of the charity Brain Tumour Research.

The charity has a wear a hat day fundraiser.

Danny Clarke Television Programmes

The Instant Gardener

The Instant Gardener Series 1
Series 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

The Instant Gardener Series 2
Series 2

Tree of the Year


Love Your Garden

Episode 3  Jo, Kerry, Flynn & Dogs from Leighton Buzzard.  Dawn from Salford

Episode 4  Carl, Elle, Theo, Ebony & Kenzo from Macclesfield Cheshire.  Norma from Accrington.

Episode 5  Dale, Laura, Liam, Mathew & Louis from Barry Wales.  Krystina, Sienna, Max & Andre from Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire.

Episode 7  Donna from Leicester. Jen from Huddersfield.

Episode 8 Shabnam and Amelia from Wakefield. Lesley-Anne from Swansea.

Filthy Garden SOS

Episode 1  Amber and Shona from Bangor

Episode 2 Keith & Darren from Stockport

Episode 3 Michael & Becky from Seaham

Episode 4 Olwyn & Ryan from White City, West London

Episode 5  Andy, Kirsten, Theo & Arthur from Horsforth, Yorkshire


Episode 1 Beauty  Mary Stevenson from County Durham

Episode 2 Colour  Julie Richards  from Leicester 

Episode 3 Wildlife  Peter Hill from West Bromwich

Episode 7 Raunds  Becs, Freddie & Annabel Raunds Northamptonshire

Episode 8 Greenford  Sybil from Greenford, West London

Love your Garden Series 13

Episode 2

Danny Clarke's Website, Twitter and Facebook 

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  1. Love The Instant Gardener. Wish Mr. Clarke had begum his gardening career earlier. He's truly brilliant in his presentations. Love the aura and of course I hold Helen and others in high regard. Nothing disingenuous there!

    1. I totally agree his plant knowledge is amazing, i love his design idea and there is something so calming about watching his approach to gardening that makes him unique.
      Hope you are enjoying the blog
      Best Wishes Pete Free 🌻

  2. Was gonna ask a stupid question, LOL.
    What is the basic mixture for most soils?
    I love your show and watch as much as I can.
    I live in North West Florida in the U.S. and I am trying to create some real good curb appeal.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Love you!!!

  3. I have a ? for Danny. First off, I'm a big fan of your show. Your knowledge is brilliant. as is your enthusiasm and love of nature. So... I have an indoor 5 ft. tall rubber tree. ( I think it's a rubber tree ???) What can I plant around it to accent the great pot it's in and the tree itself. If and when you have time please advise. Happy New Year, carry on, and cheers.

    Paul A. Amato
    Chicago Illinois, USA

  4. I like the instant gardener we will we see new episodes? Please!

  5. Big shout out to Danny Clarke from Chicago in the US. I've been watching every repeat episode of the Instant Gardener and just discovered my local TV station is streaming Filthy Garden SOS. Danny is brilliant and a lovely person. Chicago hosts a home & garden show & it would be fabulous of Danny Clarke was invited to speak.

  6. Thank you for your show. Enjoy the shows you present. The info, knowledge, & enjoyment you present has helped us a great deal. Again, thank you.

  7. Danny, I very much enjoy watching you and your respective Teams in The Instant Gardener and Filthy Gardens SOS. Your have such talent. Mostly, it is nice to see all the Heart you put in to your creations. The responses from the families is priceless. Thanks for all you do! Kindest regards - Don