Love Your Garden Series 12

Love Your Garden Series 12

Alan Titchmarsh introduces us to the 12th series of Love Your Garden which was first aired on 22 March 2022 with the first 4 episodes shown, before taking a break and returning on 04 April 2023 for the rest of the series.

Alan is again joined by his trusty team of David DomoneyKatie RushworthFrances Tophill and Danny Clarke who joined the series in 2021 for Love Your Garden Series 11.

This series they are tackling some of the most problem gardens they have ever encountered but for some of the most deserving recipients of a complete garden makeover.

This time Alan and 2 of the team are working on the main garden and another team member does a small garden makeover of a problem area to show us what can be achieved in even the smallest area on a small budget.

The show follows the usual format of surprising the garden owner, Alan visits a garden for inspiration, the team tackle the garden giving us tips and plant advice along the way.

The garden is completed and the grand reveal takes place with the recipient being overwhelmed at the change.

The show is still very high budget but this season seems to have less of the big buildings seen in other series and more of just the hard landscaping and planting.

So far each Garden has had a theme with Beauty, Colour, Wildlife and Water I wonder what the next 4 episodes will bring?

When the series returned for the final 4 episodes on 04 April 2023, the series has gone back to just tackling the 1 garden in an episode.

The final 4 gardens do not have a theme and are just titled with the town and were shown mixed in with Series 13.



Television programme

Love Your Garden Series 12 

Love Your Garden Episode 1 Beauty  Mary Stevenson from County Durham

Love Your Garden Episode 2 Colour  Julie Richards from Leicester 

Love Your Garden Episode 3 Wildlife  Peter Hill from West Bromwich

Love Your Garden Episode 4 Water  Russ, Alex, Zach & Lily Peacock from Southampton

Love Your Garden Episode 5 The Wirral  Conrad, Pauline & Keiron Toohey from Heswall

Love Your Garden Episode 6 Sudbury  Eileen & Roy Baldwin from Sudbury, Suffolk

Love Your Garden Episode 7 Raunds  Becs, Freddie & Annabel Raunds Northamptonshire 

Love Your Garden Episode 8 Greenford   Sybil from Greenford, West London

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