Bruce Kenneth

Bruce Kenneth AKA Bruce Kenneth Faulseit

Bruce Kenneth AKA Bruce Kenneth Faulseit is a Master Craftsman and TV presenter and although not a Gardener is new to the Love Your Garden Series 13 Team.

Bruce was born in 1979 and originally from New Jersey and now living in Yorkshire, he specialises in bespoke furniture design and creation inspired from Mid Century furniture designs.

The self taught award winning designer appeared first on television for his carpentry expertise on BBC1 Money for Nothing where he repurposed old furniture and created something beautiful and usable.

Although not a Gardener, Bruce has now appeared in 2 Garden Makeover Series The Great Garden Revolution and most recently Love Your Garden.

Love Your Garden Series 13

Love Your Garden Series 13

Alan Titchmarsh introduces us to the 13th series of Love Your Garden which was first aired on 19 April 2023 starting with Episode 2.

Once again this run of episodes is mixed up with the final 4 from the previous series, Love your Garden Series 12.

Alan is again joined by his trusty team of David DomoneyKatie RushworthFrances Tophill and Danny Clarke.

New Team Member although not strictly on the Garden Team is, Master Craftsman, Bruce Kenneth.