Garden Rescue 2021 Series 6

Garden Rescue 2021 Series 6

Garden Rescue returned to our screens for the sixth series on 24 May 2021.

This series was filmed during the Covid restrictions and sees the designers pitching their designs remotely to the home owners before they decide on which one to go with.

Charlie Dimmock who has been in the programme since it started in 2016 returns along side The Rich Brothers Harry & David Rich who have also has been in it from the start.

Arit Anderson who joined the programme in 2019 for Series 4 also returns.

Sadly this is to be the last series for Harry & David Rich as well as Arit Anderson.

One of the new Designers who will be appearing in series 7 appears in this series Lee Burkhill AKA Garden Ninja, makes his debut in Episode 5 on 28 May 2021.

Also returning for this series is Narrator Lucinda Lawrence and the regular team of contractors.

This series follows the format of the previous ones, the pitch, design chosen, contractors start work, designers arrive to add their flair, and the grand reveal.

Garden rescue series 7

With Series 7 set to screen in 2022 and already promising 3 new designers, Lee Burkhill, Flo Headlam and Chris Hull I wonder if a revamp of the show will also happen?



Colin Anderson
Russell 'Gruff' Harris
Kyle Haynes
Ben Pope
Sam Land
Leigh Pugh
Luke Griffiths
Steve Griffiths
Andy Land
Patrick Reilly
Natalie Chivers
Sam Howard
Paul Phillips
Matt Aspinall

Television Programme

Episode 1: Bristol

Episode 2: Yate

Episode 3: Swindon

Episode 4: Bath

Episode 5: Liverpool

Episode 6: Bracknell

Episode 16: Leicester

Episode 17: Manchester

Episode 18: Alton

Episode 19: Deeside

Episode 20: Barnet

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Beechgrove 2021 Episode 6 6 May 2021

Beechgrove 2021 Episode 6 6 May 2021

Carole Baxter
welcomes us to Episode 6 of Beechgrove 2021 and Mairi Rattray and Carole are happy it has rained at last at Beechgrove.

The rain is needed as it has been one of the driest months on record in the UK.

They have had snow but no rain and Carole thinks it is since Mairi put up the new water Butt!

Advolly Richmond

 Advolly Richmond

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