Beechgrove 2021

Beechgrove 2021

BBC Scotland Flagship gardening programme Beechgrove is returning to our screens for the 2021 gardening season on 01 April 2021 in Scotland and Sunday 04 April on BBC2.

In 2021 the presenters are set to make their return to Beechgrove after the 2020 season was filmed mostly from the presenter's homes and workplaces, like Scone Castle, due to the Covid-19 Lockdown restrictions.

Lots of hard work has been going on behind the scenes to get Beechgrove Gardens ready after it being  left to overgrow during the Covid pandemic.

There is also some exciting changes happening to Beechgrove Gardens that will be revealed during the new series.

For 2021 we welcome 2 new presenters both of which have already featured on Beechgrove.

Mairi Rattray

Mairi Rattray is the Head Gardener at Beechgrove Gardens and has been working hard behind the scenes to get the gardens back to their previous well manicured state. 

More than anyone Mairi knows the soil conditions and plants at Beechgrove so to have her come out from behind the scenes is an exciting new aspect to add to the programme.

Calum Clunie

Calum Clunie first appeared on Beechgrove in 2020 when he sent in a piece filmed at his allotment in Leven Fife.

The young Allotmenteer will show us the whole process of growing from seeds right up to Show standard produce after becoming a viewers favourite in the last series.

Another change for 2021 is that we will follow Sophie McKilligan as she takes up her new role as a Gardener at Culzean Castle.

In Episode 3 on 15 April 2021 we saw the arrival of The Beechgrowers. 

From right across Scotland the 6 lots of keen gardeners will be filming their own experiences of gardening in varying climates and growing conditions.

The Beechgrowers are taking the place of the presenters travelling to visit gardeners across Scotland and their Question & Answer sessions.

They will feature monthly on the programme and will be sharing their tips, ideas and gardens with us.

Beechgrove is very popular in Scotland with a history of advising and entertaining Scottish Gardeners for the past 43 years.

Beechgrove has become even more popular for the rest of the United Kingdoms with the  increase in interest in Gardening and growing your own.

Taking a regular Sunday morning slot on BBC2 and on the iPlayer means even more of us are watching not only for the advice and guidance, but for the results of the 'growing trials' and 'taste tests' and not forgetting to check up on 'hou the tatties are daein'? 

Beechgrove Presenters

The Beechgrowers

Diana Yates
The Murray Family: Mum Laura, Niamh (16), Merryn (9) and Megan (8).
Ballal Mirza
Aidan Donnelly & Grandad Joe
The Smith Family: Mum Catriona and daughter Sophie (7) 

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