George Anderson

George Anderson

George Anderson was born to be a Gardener.

Born into a family of keen gardeners and his Father and Uncle both being Market Gardeners its no surprise when George left School he became a Gardeners' Boy.

in 1966 he became the Head of School of Horticulture at The Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh he remained in this role for nearly 38 years before retiring in 2004.

From little acorns

George became a presenter on Beechgrove in 2005 or  Beechgrove Garden as it was known then.

He joined Jim McColl, Carole Baxter, Lesley Watson and Carol Spray.

Beechgrove Presenters

George current Co-Presenters are Carole Baxter, Chris Beardshaw, Brian CunninghamKirstie Wilson. and Sophie McKilligan.

For the new season Beechgrove 2021 2 new presenters joined the team Mairi Rattray and Calum Clunie.

George Anderson lives with his wife Jill in Joppa on the waterfront in Edinburgh

Television Programme

George Anderson Television Programmes

Beechgrove | Beechgrove Gardens

Beechgrove 2021

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