Lizzie Schofield

Lizzie Schofield

Lizzie Schofield is a Gardener and the new presenter of Beechgrove Garden 2023 as well as being a Primary School Teacher.

The cottage Lizzie and her Husband Malcolm had bought on the coast at Buckie, Moray had hardly no garden.

About 7 years ago they bought the plot of land to the side which included a very steep bank.

They were not gardeners and learnt as they went along from reading books and magazines and watching gardening programmes.

They added steps and terraces and planted the garden up from scratch and added a pergola and filled the garden with colour making a beautiful garden.

Lizzie and her husband Malcom beautiful coastal garden in Buckie won the Judges' and People's Awards in the 2020 Gardener's World Magazine Garden of the Year contest.

Their hillside garden at Cuthbert's Brae overlooking the Moray Coast is also open for the Scotland's Gardens Scheme whom Lizzie is also an Ambassador for.

Filthy Garden SOS Episode 6

Filthy Garden SOS Episode 6

Filthy Garden SOS Episode 6, is a garden makeover show with a difference that was first shown in 2021 on 5 Star and then repeated on Channel 5.

This is the last episode of series 1, hopefully a series 2 will follow!

Award winning Garden Designer Diarmuid Gavin starts by telling us our gardens are our sanctuaries, private, plant filled, peaceful and green corners of this green covered land.

He goes on to tell us not all gardens are like that and the homeowners have not got the gardening bug and their gardens are shocking!

He actually calls them 'crimes against nature itself'.

Diarmuid tells us for as long as he been gardening he never seen gardens so bad.

Help is on the way with his crack team of experts starting with Garden Designer Danny Clarke who will bring out the gardener in the home owner by encouraging them to grow into gardeners which he finds as satisfying as seeing the garden grow.

Penny Lamb it is all about using power tools in the garden to clear and cut down as well as making things for the garden.

Diarmuid is on a mission to show everyone how easy it is to look after a garden to change a Filthy Garden to a fabulous Garden.

'This is Filthy Garden SOS'

Beechgrove Garden 2023

Beechgrove Gardens

BBC Scotland Flagship gardening programme Beechgrove returned to our screens for the 2023 gardening season on Thursday 06 April 2023 in Scotland and on BBC2 on Friday 07 April 2023.

Beechgrove is also available on the BBC iplayer as well as being repeated on the Sunday morning Gardening slot on BBC2.

Returning for its 45th year the series will run for 26 programmes and the episodes are 30 minutes long.

Diana Yates

Diana Yates

Diana Yates is a Gardener and the new presenter of Beechgrove Garden 2023 after previously appearing on the series Beechgrove Gardens in Winter.

Diana Yates spent 10 years living and working in South Africa. 

She returned to the united Kingdom in 2017, with her family and then bought her current home Greenfields.

The 18th-century listed former manse is in West Linton on the Scottish Borders and has 2 acres of land for her fruit and vegetable garden.