Penny Lamb

Penny Lamb

Penny Lamb is a Scottish Garden Designer,  Bespoke Furniture Designer and the new Presenter of Filthy Garden SOS.

She comes from Glasgow and from a family of keen gardeners where she gained a love for the outdoors.

Penny has her own Landscape Design, Gardening and Bespoke Furniture business called 

She tries to use natural resources where possible and puts a percentage of her profits towards planting wildlife friendly plants and trees.

From little acorns

In 2021 Penny Lamb first appeared on our television screens in the Garden Makeover series Filthy Garden SOS first shown on 5Star on 11 November 2021.

This 6 part series features gardens that are shockingly overgrown, out of control or just dumpsites and the owners have no idea what to do with them.

In the series that sees the homeowners help to transform their own gardens Penny gets out the Power Tools to help transform the gardens from dumpsite to dream garden.

Presenting the show is award winning Garden Designer Diarmuid Gavin  who has has featured in a string of Garden Makeover programmes.

His most recent series was in 2020 and was the highly popular Gardening Together with Diarmuid Gavin.

Their Fellow Garden Designer is Garden Designer and Community Garden Champion Danny Clarke whose own highly popular transformation series The Instant Gardener ran for 2 series in 2015 .

Danny recently joined the Team of the long running Garden Makeover programme Love Your Garden.

Television programme

Filthy Garden SOS

Episode 1 Amber & Shona from Bangor

Episode 2 Keith & Darren from Stockport

Episode 3 Michael & Becky from Seaham

Episode 4 Olwyn & Ryan from White City, West London

Episode 5  Andy, Kirsten, Theo & Arthur from Horsforth, Yorkshire

Episode 6

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  1. I love SOS Filthy Garden; I am so sorry it’s not on anymore! From Florida!