The Instant Gardener

The Instant Gardener

The Instant Gardener was first shown on BBC daytime schedule in 2015.

It was the television debut for Danny Clarke who calls himself the Black Gardener.

Danny co-presenter is Helen Skelton and it ran for 2 series.

The Instant Gardener was a different kind of gardening television makeover show with garden redesigns that dealt with problem areas that could be transformed simply and on a small budget.

The Instant Gardener Danny and Helen

Helen with the help of Danny's shopping list would take the householder off to visit a local garden of interest then on to a garden centre to purchase the plants from the list.

Danny comes up with a design for the garden and is aided by his team, AJ (Euan A. J. Rose) and Lou (Louise Hampden) and family or friends of the householder to complete the makeover.

Danny ideas can all be completed with basic DIY experience and all the plants and accessories are readily available from your local garden centre.

This makes it different from other high budget transformation shows.

Although this programme has the traditional format for a makeover show and the grand reveal to the surprised homeowner. 

Danny designs seem more in touch with the homeowner and a more realistic solution to their garden problems.

It is a shame this programme only ran for 2 series and Danny Clarke is not a more regular TV Gardener on our screens.

The Instant Gardener Presenters

Danny Clarke

Helen Skelton

The Instant Gardener Episodes

Series 1
The Instant Gardener series 1
Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Series 2
The Instant Gardener series 2

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