Joe Swift

Joe Swift

Joseph Swift is a gardener who was born on 25 May 1965.

Both of Joe Swift's parents and other family members are famous.

Joe Swift's father was the late actor Clive Swift best known for playing Richard Bucket, the long suffering husband of Hyacinth Bucket (played by Dame Patricia Routledge) in Keeping up Appearances. 

His father sadly died on 1st February 2019.

Joe Swifts mother is novelist Dame Margaret Drabble, Lady Holroyd who has published 19 Novels. She divorced his father in 1975. 

Grow Your Own At Home With Alan Titchmarsh Episode 1

Grow Your Own At Home With Alan Titchmarsh Episode 1

The first episode of Grow Your Own At Home with Alan Titchmarsh starts with Alan Titchmarsh in his own garden filmed by his wife Alison AKA Mrs T Cam.

After a series of out-takes Alan welcomes us to his amazing Hampshire garden.

For the last 2 months Alan has been in lock down with just his wife Alison and tells us his garden has been his 'salvation' and how wonderful a garden is at these times.

Grow Your Own At Home with Alan Titchmarsh

Grow Your Own At Home With Alan Titchmarsh

Grow Your Own At Home With Alan Titchmarsh is a new TV series that was first shown on ITV on 25 May 2020.

The series was filmed during the COVID-19 Pandemic and is filmed entirely by amateur camera people, namely the Presenters family.

The series features the popular Love Your Garden Presenters, Alan Titchmarsh, David Domoney, Katie Rushworth and Frances Tophill.

Gardeners' World 2020 Episode 8: 08 May 2020

Gardeners' World 2020 Episode 8 08 May 2020

Monty Don Welcomes us to a very wet, soggy Longmeadow and Gardeners' World 2020.

Monty is busy putting plant supports on his peonies because of the heavy rain.

Monty is on the mound planting out Nicotiana 'Lime Green' a tobacco plant that he has grown from some old seeds.

Garden Rescue Series 5 Episode 2

Garden Rescue Series 5 Episode 2

In Garden Rescue Series 5 episode 2, Charlie Dimmock and the Rich Brothers Harry and David are in Havant, Hampshire.

Lisa, Paul and Zia want a garden inspired by their love of holidays in Greece and have a budget of £3,000.

Following their extension being built, the garden was a building site.

With no work being able to be done over the Winter, it is now in dire need of a makeover.

Gardeners' World 2020 - Episode 7 - 01 May 2020

Gardeners' World Episode 7

In Gardeners' World 2020 episode 7, Monty Don welcomes us to his garden Longmeadow and to Gardeners' World 2020.

Monty starts the programme by tying back a group 3 Clematis that you need to cut back to the ground in winter or early Spring.

The Instant Gardener

The Instant Gardener

The Instant Gardener was first shown on BBC daytime schedule in 2015.

It was the television debut for Danny Clarke who calls himself the Black Gardener.

Danny co-presenter is Helen Skelton and it ran for 2 series.

Danny Clarke

Danny Clarke

Danny Clarke is a gardener and designer, who was born in Oxford in 1960.

His parents originally came from Jamaica and his father was a British Army Officer. 

His real name is Dannahue Barrington Clarke.

He ran his own sales company and after travelling, gained a love of the outdoors and design. 

In 1997 Danny started his own gardening business in Kent after completing a garden design course at Hadlow Horticultural College

Danny started calling himself the Black Gardener to get himself noticed.

Garden Rescue

Garden Rescue

Garden Rescue has become the ultimate garden makeover show on the BBC.

It was first shown on 11 July 2016 with the return of Charlie Dimmock to our screens.

Charlie was best know for her bra less appearance on Ground Force with Alan Titchmarsh and Tommy Walsh and several spin off shows following.

The Rich Brothers - Harry and David

The Rich Brothers Harry and David

The Rich Brothers Harry and David are gardeners who grew up in Brecon Beacons in rural South Wales.

Their parents had a small back garden but the boys had a huge playground of the countryside around their home.

As youngsters they enjoyed helping their dad out with projects in the garden, getting useful early experience of building design.

Harry is the eldest of the brothers and is 3 years older than David.

Charlie Dimmock

Charlie Dimmock

Charlie Dimmock is a gardener and long running TV Gardener Designer on Garden Rescue who was born in Hampshire on 10th August 1966.

She was an only child and her father Terry was a Merchant Seaman and her mother Sue had her own clothes shop.

Charlie Dimmocks parents nicknamed her 'the brat' during her toddler years!

Arit Anderson

Arit Anderson

Arit Anderson is a gardener, who spent 25 years working in fashion and creative events around the world.

She was also a holistic and well-being therapist.

Her creative skills for colour and the healing properties of her holistic training combined to create an interest in her own garden design.

Gardeners' World 2020

Gardeners' World 2020

Monty Don is back for the new growing Season on 20 March 2020.

Gardeners' World 2020 Episode 1

Gardeners' World 2020 Episode 1: 20 March 2020

Monty Don
Nigel & Nell
Frances Tophill

Lifting Irises
Pruning Roses
House Plants
Tomato Plant Seeds

Gardeners' World 2020 - Episode 6 - 24 April 2020

Gardeners' World 2020 Episode 6

Monty Don welcomes us to Gardeners' World 2020 and to his garden at Longmeadow.

In this episode, He starts by telling us he is trying to grow as much as possible this year.

Not only because it is good to grow tasty seasonal food but also spiritually during this uncertain times, it can bring you some calm.

Monty Don

Monty Don

Monty Don was born on 8th July 1955 in West Berlin where his father was a serving soldier. He was given the name Montagu Denis Wyatt Don and has a twin sister.

Monty Don's young life involved a strict upbringing. He attended 3 public schools before going on to attend a comprehensive school where he failed his A levels.