Patti from Gardeners' World


Patti is the smallest of Monty Don Dogs to feature as a Dogs from Gardeners' World 

She is a Yorkshire Terrier she was born on 08 April 2019 and first appeared on Gardeners' World in April 2020.

Even though she comes across as more of a 'lap dog', Patti has a bossy streak and likes to think she is in charge.

Nellie from Gardeners' World


Nellie is the second of Monty Don Dogs to feature as a Dogs from Gardeners' World 

Monty Don's dog Nellie, known as Nell is a Golden Retriever who joined Gardeners World in 2016.

She joined Monty's beloved Nigel and was described by Monty as having the attention span of a gnat.

Along with Nigel she was often seen sleeping on camera.

Nell sadly died on 20 October 2023 after being diagnosed with Cancer in the June. She is buried next to her friend Nigel, wrapped in one of Monty coats, with her favourite biscuits and toys.

Nell will be sadly missed.

Ned from Gardeners' World


Ned is the newest of Monty Don Dogs and a welcome new addition to the Dogs from Gardeners' World 

He is a Golden Retriever who arrived at Longmeadow on 17 September 2022.

He made his Television debut on 07 October 2022 at just 10 weeks old.

Nigel from Gardeners' World


Nigel is the best known of Monty Don Dogs and his most long and loyal companion of all the Dogs from Gardeners' World 

The Golden Retriever was born on 17 May 2008 and sadly passed away in May 2020 after a short illness.

Nigel loved Tennis Balls as well as regularly running off with Monty gardening gloves, seed packets and sticks.

Nigel when not getting up to mischief enjoyed a good nap in the sun.

Gardeners' World 2023

Gardeners' World 2023

Monty Don is back for the first programme of Gardeners' World for the 2023 growing season starting on Friday 17 March 2023 and repeated on BBC2 in the early morning Sunday slot.

The start of this series is a week later than Gardeners' World 2022 due to delays in filming because of the weather.

This year they have kept with the same format of Monty in his garden, presenters visiting other gardens and collections, viewers videos, Jobs for the weekend and Monty's dogs taking centre stage.