Nigel from Gardeners' World


Nigel is the best known of Monty Don Dogs and his most long and loyal companion of all the Dogs from Gardeners' World 

The Golden Retriever was born on 17 May 2008 and sadly passed away in May 2020 after a short illness.

Nigel loved Tennis Balls as well as regularly running off with Monty gardening gloves, seed packets and sticks.

Nigel when not getting up to mischief enjoyed a good nap in the sun.

Nigel parentage included a history as being either Gun dogs or Guide Dogs so when Monty picked out the 7 week old pup to take home they picked him for his good looks and friendly bark.

They chose the name Nigel Bear, also known as Nigel or Mr Bear.

Monty and Nigel

Nigel did not start appearing on Gardeners' World until he was 3 years old and started in more of a back stage roll, just appearing in the background.

As his personality started to shine through, the viewers soon started looking out for Nigel and his antics.

In 2016 Monty published a book about his beloved Nigel called Nigel: my family and other dogs.

Nigel and Nell

Nellie also known as Nell joined Gardeners' World in 2016 and quickly became a good companion to Nigel as well as Monty.

Nigel health was not always good and in 2016, Nigel was missing from the programme after twisting sideways to catch his beloved tennis ball and his Intervertebral disc exploded.

Nigel received sacksful of cards letters and presents sent to him at Long Meadow by his devoted fans following his injury.

He was loved by the viewers almost as much as by his family.

In 2019, he underwent an operation to remove growths in his mouth.

Nigel Nell and Patti

in 2020 a new pup arrived at Longmeadow, a tiny Yorkshire Terrier called Patti, the smallest dog Monty has ever owned.

Nigel sadly passed away in May 2020 a few days before his 12th Birthday after he started having bad seizures at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Sadly it was found that he had a brain tumour but he passed away peacefully.

Nigel grave

Nigel is buried at Long Meadow along with his beloved Tennis Balls and has a Box statue in the garden in his memory.


Nigel: my family and other dogs
By Monty Don

All photographs are copyright of BBC.Com

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