Nigel, Nellie, Patti and Ned from Gardeners' World

Monty and dogs

Monty Don's current dogs names are Nell or Nellie, Patti and Ned.

The late Nigel was born on 17 May 2008 and was a Golden Retriever.

He was best known for his central starring role in Gardeners' World.

Nigel from Gardeners World

Nigel's co-stars were Monty Don as well as his fellow doggy friend Nell and the newbie Patti.

Nigel has had a book written about him, Nigel: my Family and other dogs by Monty Don and was even the subject of a parody Twitter account.

Monty Don talks about his dog Nigel and the book in the clip below.

Nigel did not always play an active part in the programme, choosing instead to take a nap but him and Nell are always the show stealers from poor Monty!

Nigel really enjoyed playing with his tennis ball as well as stealing gardening gloves, sticks, bulbs and even seed packets in moments of mischief in the garden!

In 2016, Nigel was missing from the programme after twisting sideways to catch his beloved tennis ball and his Intervertebral disc exploded.

In 2019, he underwent an operation to remove growths in his mouth.

Sadly in May 2020 Nigel died after he suddenly fell ill. Nigel died peacefully and is buried at Longmeadow with his beloved tennis balls. 

Nigel and Nell Gardeners' World

Nell and Monty Don

Monty Don's dog Nellie, known as Nell is a Golden Retriever who joined Gardeners World in 2016.

Described by Monty as having the attention span of a gnat, she often does not share the same amount of screen time as Nigel!

Nigel and Nell Sleeping

The pair however have one hobby in common... sleeping on the job!

In August 2020 Nell had an accident when chasing a stick, she impaled herself on it and speared her throat.

This narrowly missed 2 arteries and with the help of an emergency trip to the vets Nell has recovered well.

No more sticks for Nell though!

Nell sadly died on 20 October 2023 after being diagnosed with Cancer in the June. She is buried next to her friend Nigel, wrapped in one of Monty coats, with her favourite biscuits and toys.

Nell will be sadly missed.


Patti from Gardeners' World

Patti A Yorkshire Terrier first appeared on Gardeners' World in April 2020.

Described by Monty as the smallest dog they have ever owned but is certainly the most bossy.

Patti loves the garden so will appear in future programmes.

Monty Don and Patti


Monty and Ned

Ned is Monty's newest dog, another Golden Retriever and he arrived at Longmeadow on 17 September 2022.

He made his Television debut on 07 October 2022 at just 10 weeks old.

Monty said he was enjoying the garden by digging, eating and crushing as much stuff as he could which he is going to have learn not to if he going to be any help in the garden!

Nell and Ned

Nell is very tolerant of the pup.

Patti and Ned

Patti does not seem so happy that she is no longer the cutest and looks very grumpy to share the limelight with newcomer Ned!


The start of Gardeners' World 2023 in March 2023 sees Ned making his first appearance of the year as a lively teenager and we have a full season to watch this young pup grow.


Nigel: my family and other dogs
By Monty Don

All photographs are copyright of BBC.Com

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  1. lovely site, but I came here by clicking on a Pinterest picture of Her Majesty with Nigel. I don't see it here??

    1. Thank you SilverWrinkly I am glad you have found us and hope you find something of interest.
      There are so many lovely photos of dear old Nigel that I try to have as many as possible on my Pinterest and just a few favourites on here.
      Best Wishes and I hope you come back to Gardeners Unearthed
      Pete Free 🌻

  2. Love Gardeners World Monty and his gorgeous dogs Christine Duffy Lanarkshire

    1. Good evening Christine
      We are very lucky to have Monty share his garden and Dogs with us every week.
      Hope you are enjoying the blog
      Best Wishes
      Pete Free 🌻

  3. What breeder in the uk are the dogs from? They are so beautiful 💖💖💖

    1. Good evening
      Nell is a Golden Retriever and Patti the little one is a Yorkshire Terrier.
      Hope you are enjoying the blog.
      Best Wishes
      Pete Free 🌻

  4. We love Monty and his team but the dogs are the stars. Look forward to seeing them all again next spring.