Ned from Gardeners' World


Ned is the newest of Monty Don Dogs and a welcome new addition to the Dogs from Gardeners' World 

He is a Golden Retriever who arrived at Longmeadow on 17 September 2022.

He made his Television debut on 07 October 2022 at just 10 weeks old.

Ned is the third Golden Retriever of Monty's to appear on Gardeners World with the late Nigel being the first followed by Nellie also known as Nell.

Ned joins the other dogs Nellie and Yorkshire Terrier Patti who was not sure of the boisterous pup at first but now they are best of friends.

Monty and Ned

Monty love of the breed is evident and Ned is a very handsome dog, very similar to the late beloved Nigel.

Ned joined Gardeners' World 2022 as a pup but reappeared in Gardeners' World 2023 as a gangly teenager.


As the series progresses we look forward to seeing how his personality develops and his growing relationship with the other dogs of Gardeners' World

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