Patti from Gardeners' World


Patti is the smallest of Monty Don Dogs to feature as a Dogs from Gardeners' World 

She is a Yorkshire Terrier she was born on 08 April 2019 and first appeared on Gardeners' World in April 2020.

Even though she comes across as more of a 'lap dog', Patti has a bossy streak and likes to think she is in charge.

Patti does not like the cold and wet and likes to snuggle up to Monty at any excuse.

Monty and Patti

Patti joined Monty oldest dog Nigel and his other Golden Retriever Nellie also known as Nell.

Nigel sadly passed away n May 2020 following a short illness.

Ned Monty newest Golden Retriever arrived to join them in September 2023 at 7 weeks old and Patti was not sure of the young boisterous pup at first.

They now get on well or at least Patti tolerates Ned!

Monty and his dogs

The 3 Dogs from Gardeners' World  are just as popular with the viewers as Monty himself and what is going on in the background often overshadows the actual gardening!

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