Monty Don

Monty Don

Monty Don was born on 8th July 1955 in West Berlin where his father was a serving soldier. He was given the name Montagu Denis Wyatt Don and has a twin sister.

Monty Don's young life involved a strict upbringing. He attended 3 public schools before going on to attend a comprehensive school where he failed his A levels.

Monty had already found his love of gardening and farming as a teenager. Whilst he was resitting his A levels at evening classes worked on a pig farm and building sites.

Monty Don met wife Sarah whilst he was studying English at Magdalene College in Cambridge.

Monty Don has three children - Adam, Freya and Tom.

Branching out

His early careers included dustman, grave digger and waiter and a failed novelist.

Monty launched a costume jewellery company with his jeweller wife Sarah Don. 

This career move is his most quoted and it was during the flamboyant 1980s that Monty Don Jewellery was a success. 

You can find examples of Monty Don Jewellery on Pinterest and  for sale on eBay. 

The jewellery business eventually went bankrupt leaving them living with Sarah's parents.

During this time the start of what was to be a life long battle with depression and seasonally affected disorder (SAD) reared its head. 

He treated this with cognitive behavioural therapy, drug treatment and the use of a light box. 

Monty is a huge advocate to the healing power of gardening, the mud on your hands and the pleasure of watching the rewards grow.

“The real importance of gardening is the empowerment that it gives people, however small or seemingly insignificant their gardens might be. It is surprising how liberating it is, if you can grow anything at all.” – Monty Don

From Little Acorns

Monty's early passion for gardening started bearing fruit although never having any formal training.

Monty Don's garden Longmeadow is not open to the public.

Monty has a weekly gardening column in the Observer and has also wrote for the Daily Mail and Mail on line.

A gardening slot on this morning started what was to be the first of many and Monty Don has been a Gardeners World presenter since 2003.

Monty in his first appearance on Tomorrows World

British gardener Monty Don began his TV career as a presenter on the popular TV garden makeover show Real Gardens with Carol Klein and Ann-Marie Powell

Real Gardens was different from the usual format as helped the gardeners through out the season develop their own gardens. 

Monty Don was awarded an OBE in the Queen's Birthday Honours 2018.

Monty Don TV Shows

1998 - 2000

Real Gardens

Series 3 ?
I am not sure if this is Series 2 and series 3 from Episode 14? Pete Free 🌻

Episode 1: Stockport, Norfolk & Felixstowe

Episode 2: Harrow, Norfolk & Devon

Episode 3: Stockport, Norfolk & Felixstowe

Episode 4: Harrow, Norfolk & Devon

Episode 5: Stockport, Norfolk & Felixstowe

Episode 6: Harrow, Norfolk & Devon

Episode 7: Guernsey, Felixstowe & Stockport

Episode 8: Devon, Stockport, Guernsey & RHS Chelsea Flower Show

Episode 9: Harrow, Guernsey & Felixstowe

Episode 10: Guernsey, Islington & Devon

Episode 11: Huddersfield, Islington & Chulmleigh

Episode 12: Devon, Guernsey & Stockport

Episode 13: Huddersfield, Islington, Chulmleigh & RHS Hampton Court Flower Show

Episode 14: Liverpool, Burton-on-Trent, Portsmouth (from previous series)

Episode 15: Cotswolds, Huddersfield & Chumleigh

Episode 16: Guernsey, Cotswolds & Chumleigh

Episode 17: Huddersfield, Cotswolds & Chumleigh

Episode 18: Guernsey, Wiltshire & Cotswolds

Episode 19: Leicestershire, Wiltshire & Cotswolds

Episode 20: Leicestershire, Wiltshire & Cotswolds

Series 2 

Series 1

Lost Gardens

2003 - present
Gardeners' World

Around the World in 80 Gardens

Monty Don's Italian Gardens

Great British Garden Revival

Monty Don's French Gardens

2014 - 2017
Big Dreams, Small Places

2014 Main Presenter
RHS Chelsea Flower Show

The Secret History of the British Garden

Monty Don's Japanese Gardens


Monty Don Books

The Sensuous Garden

The Weekend Gardener - Beautiful Gardens for Busy People


Gardening Mad
(and Fleur Olby)


Urban Jungle: The Simple Way to Tame Your Town Garden

Fork to Fork
(and Sarah Don)


From the Garden to the Table: Growing, Cooking, and Eating Your Own Food
(and Sarah Don, Simon Wheeler)


The Jewel Garden: A Story of Despair and Redemption
(and Sarah Don)


Gardeners' World: Gardening from Berryfields


Growing out of Trouble


My Roots: A Decade in the Garden

Round the World in 80 Gardens


The Complete Gardener: A Practical, Imaginative Guide to Every Aspect of Gardening

Extraordinary Gardens of the World


The Ivington Diaries


The Home Cookbook
(and Sarah Don)

Ten Poems About Gardens


Great Gardens of Italy
(and Derry Moore)


Gardening at Longmeadow

My Dream Farm


The Road to Le Tholonet: A French Garden Journey


Down to Earth: Gardening Wisdom


Nigel: my family and other dogs


Painting the Modern Garden: Monet to Matisse
(and Ann Dumas)

Paradise Gardens: the world's most beautiful Islamic gardens
(and Derry Moore)


Japanese Gardens: a Journey
(and Derry Moore)

My Garden World

American Gardens
(and Derry Moore)

The Complete Gardener: A Practical, Imaginative Guide to Every Aspect of Gardening 
Revised Edition

Gardening at Longmeadow

The Gardening Book

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