Gardeners' World Compilations 2024

Gardeners' World Compilations 2024

Gardeners' World 2024 returns with Monty Don welcoming us to the first of four Gardeners' World Compilations 2024

The first programme was shown on Friday 26 January 2024 on BBC2 and repeated in the Saturday morning Gardening slot and is also available on the BBC iplayer.

The return of Gardeners' World for these pre Spring compilations brings a welcome treat on a January night at a time when we are all keen to get cracking on the new seasons gardening.

The programme is a compilation of previous garden visits from last year, filmed throughout the gardening year, whether it is to look at certain plants or flowers or meet one of the Gardeners.

There is the usual gardening tips and advice, as well as inspiration and ideas for the gardening year ahead.

Monty and the Dogs are there to introduce the clips and tie the whole programme together from Longmeadow and to ease us out of the armchair and back to planning ahead.

Becky Kirsty and Mandy

In Episode 3 Monty paid tribute to Rebecca who with her sisters Kirsty and Mandy from Poole Dorset first appeared on Gardeners' World  in 2020 who sadly passed away in October 2023.

The Sisters appeared several times in the programme as their love for gardening grew and they became a popular guest, our thoughts are with Rebecca's family and friends.

It is good to see that the last couple of years the programme planners have given us these Winter extra episodes of Gardeners' World at a time when the seed catalogues are being bookmarked and the early Spring bulbs are peeping through.

For now, put your feet up and enjoy some armchair gardening whilst muttering 'I think I will plant some of those this year'!


Special Guests

Week 1
Violet Croll Avalon Kent

Phil Gomm Whistable

Elspeth Douglas Whistable

Week 2
Jonny Balchandani AKA thebeardedplantaholic

Week 3
John Bassam Clapton Tram

Rebecca, Kirsty and Mandy from Poole Dorset

Week 4
Bex Partridge Botanical Tales from Devon

Bob & Sue Smith from Stroud

Gardens Visited

Week 1
Aberglasney Gardens  Carmarthenshire

Wildegoose Nursery Shropshire

Week 2
Old Bladbean Stud Gardens Canterbury with Carol Bruce

Newby Hall North Yorkshire  with Ed Round

Spetchley Park  Worcestershire

Week 3
Tuppenny Barn Emsworth with Maggie Haynes

Dulwich Allotment - Helen Tu

Granby Four Streets Liverpool with Hazel Tilley, Lizzie and Paul

Blaise Nursery Bristol with Ella Forman

Week 4

Television Programme

Episode 1 26 January 2024

Episode 2  2 February 2024

Episode 4  16 February 2024

All Photographs are Copyright of BBC.Com

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