Sue Kent

Sue Kent is a Gardener and a new presenter on Gardeners' World 2021 as well as a Professional Masseur offering sports Massage and relaxation Massage.

Sue was born in the early 1960s and due to the Morning Sickness drug Thalidomide and its side effects, Sue was born with an upper limb disability.

Her upper limb difference means she has 8 inch long arms, no thumbs and 7 fingers which has meant she has always been keen to overcome any challenges and work out new ways of doing things.

Sue career took her to work in marketing and sales but when she needed to look for a more flexible career she turned to Sports Massage. 

She obtained a Sports Massage Qualification from the University of Wales Institute in Cardiff in 2010.

In 2012 Sue was a volunteer Sports Massage Therapist at the Paralympics Village.

Sue first appeared on Gardeners' World in 2020 in Episodes 14 & 22 as a guest to show us round her stunning coastal garden in Wales and how she had adapted her garden and her gardening to meet her needs.

Her down to earth approach and enthusiasm for her 3/4 of an acre garden of more than 30 years, left viewers wanting more.

Whether it is finding the right tool, how to garden with her feet, Sue's positive attitude to getting a job done brings a new sparkle to gardening and she shows just how enjoyable your connection to the soil can be.

Sue appeared on a podcast for Gardeners' World in January 2021 and on the first programme of Gardeners World 2021, Sue made her debut as a presenter.

Sue has a new challenge of redesigning an allotment as well as her huge wrap around garden and we will follow her progress of her 'no dig' vegetable beds throughout the year.  

Sue lives in Gower, Wales 

Gardeners' World

Gardeners' World 2021

Episode 9: 14 May 2021



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  1. HELLO Sue, i'm from Holland and I am a big fan! Can you obtain Bare Foot "shoes" in Britain?
    With love, Louise

  2. Sue you are an amazing lady.
    Thankyou for showing us there is always a way things can be done.
    Truly inspirational.
    Many thanks

  3. Good luck for Hampton court, your idea’s are coming together nicely.

  4. You are amazing Sue. You will be great at Hampton! From Sacha, London

  5. Hi Sue. We went to college together. I just wanted to say how much I enjoy seeing you on Gardener’s World. Well done on your success. X

  6. Hello Sue I love watching you on Gardeners World, you are a fantastic lady and congratulations on Hampton, your garden was fabulous very inspiring. .xx