Gardeners' World Winter Specials 2022/23

Gardeners' World Winter Specials 2022/23

Gardeners' World 2022 returns with Monty Don welcoming us to the first of four Gardeners' World Winter Specials 2022/23.

The first programme was shown on Friday 02 December 2022 on BBC2 and repeated in the Sunday morning Gardening slot and is also available on the BBC iplayer.

The return of Gardeners' World for these Winter specials brings a welcome treat on a December night at a time when there is more garden planning to do then actual gardening.

The programme has the usual gardening jobs and tips from Monty and the Team on what you can be doing at this time of year and in preparation for Spring.

The Team also went on visits throughout the year to show in the Winter Specials including not only visit to gardens that are open to the public but insights into keen gardeners plots across the country.

This four part series is a celebration of all 4 seasons of the Gardening Year and it starts at the run up to Christmas and during the World Cup so it is some green relief at a bare time for Gardening Programmes.

Winter an excellent time for Gardening Programmes and we need more to be shown at this more dormant time of year.

Whether you're a happy armchair Gardener who has put their garden to bed, or an all year round Gardener looking for jobs to keep you busy, it is never too early to start planning and preparing for the Spring growing season.


TV Programme

Episode 1  2 December 2022

Carol Klein

Episode 2   9 December 2022


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