Calum Clunie

Calum Clunie 

Calum Clunie is a Gardener and Allotmenteer who in 2021 became the new Presenter on BBC Scotland flagship gardening programme Beechgrove.

He got his love of gardening from his grandparents Alasdair and Sheila Simpson as a child they would all garden together.

Calum has watched Beechgrove or The Beechgrove Garden as it used to be known, for as long as he can remember.

Beechgrove 2021

Beechgrove 2021

BBC Scotland Flagship gardening programme Beechgrove is returning to our screens for the 2021 gardening season on 01 April 2021 in Scotland and Sunday 04 April on BBC2.

In 2021 the presenters are set to make their return to Beechgrove after the 2020 season was filmed mostly from the presenter's homes and workplaces, like Scone Castle, due to the Covid-19 Lockdown restrictions.

Lots of hard work has been going on behind the scenes to get Beechgrove Gardens ready after it being  left to overgrow during the Covid pandemic.

There is also some exciting changes happening to Beechgrove Gardens that will be revealed during the new series.

Gardeners' World 2021 Episode 2 26 March 2021

Gardeners' World 2021 Episode 2 26 March 2021 

Episode 2 of Gardeners' World 2021 and Monty Don has his Dahlia Tubers out of storage and welcomes us to Long Meadow.

Gardeners' World 2021 Episode 1 19 March 2021

Gardeners world 2021 episode 1

Episode 1 of Gardeners' World 2021 and Monty Don quickly followed by Patti and Nell welcomes us to Long Meadow for this first episode.

Gardeners' World 2021

Monty Don is back for the new growing season and the first programme was aired on Friday 19 March 2021 starting for the first time with an hour long programme.

This show has started during Lockdown and is being aimed at both first time gardeners and the more experienced grower due to the increased interest in our garden during the Coivd-19 pandemic.

Sue Kent

Sue Kent is a Gardener and a new presenter on Gardeners' World 2021 as well as a Professional Masseur offering sports Massage and relaxation Massage.

Sue was born in the early 1960s and due to the Morning Sickness drug Thalidomide and its side effects, Sue was born with an upper limb disability.

Her upper limb difference means she has 8 inch long arms, no thumbs and 7 fingers which has meant she has always been keen to overcome any challenges and work out new ways of doing things.

Gardening with Carol Klein Episode 1

Gardening with Carol Klein Episode 1

Carol Klein introduces us to Gardening with Carol Klein filmed at her home of over 40 years, Glebe Cottage in Chittlehamholt near Umberleigh Devon.

When Carol is not writing about gardening or presenting, she is in the garden.

Whatever sort or size of garden you have, or even if you just have a patio or window box, she is going to show us how, from the basics to more advanced techniques.

She wants to share the excitement and satisfaction of creating a garden whether you’re a novice or experienced, she wants to share the skills.

Carol is ‘ready are you’?