Gardening with Carol Klein

Gardening with Carol Klein

Gardening with Carol Klein or as the title says How to Garden with Carol Klein, was first shown on Channel 5 on 18th February 2021.

The two part series sees Carol Klein in her amazing garden at her home Glebe Cottage, in Chittlehamholt near Umberleigh Devon.

Carol's garden featured in her programme Life in a Cottage Garden with Carol Klein that was first shown in 2011 and the 6 part programme took us through a whole year in her garden.

The programme was recently shown again and this new programme will give viewers the chance to see how the garden has progressed when it was filmed in the Spring and early Summer of 2020.

The programme hopes to have something for everyone, experienced gardeners and new gardeners and whether you have a large garden or just a balcony. 

The Covid-19 lockdowns of 2020 saw a lot more people getting interested in their garden and gardening for the first time and this programme was filmed at a time when a surge of new gardening programmes were produced.

Carol Klein

The first episode covers a gardening golden rule, right plant right place.

Carol takes us through plants for the sunny and shady parts of the garden, trees, shrubs, Perennials, climbers and also into the vegetable garden.

The programme contains tips and advice that can be used in whatever size garden you may have as well as for pots and containers.

The second episode covers all aspects of growing from sowing seeds, taking cuttings and  propagation.

Carol also looks at the right soil and compost and how to make your own.

Carol Klein's relaxed and calming approach to gardening and the chance to see her stunning garden at Glebe Cottage, makes for an enjoyable hour of gardening delight.

Airing the programme in February makes it the first new gardening programmes of 2021 and leaves the viewer keen to start planning and preparing for the growing season ahead.

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Episode 1

Episode 2

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