Your Garden Made Perfect

 Your Garden Made Perfect

Your Garden Made Perfect was first shown on 04 February 2021 on BBC 2.

A spin off from the popular Your Home Made Perfect they share the same presenter Angela Scanlon and a similar format of 2 Designers competing to design and create a dream space for the home owner.

Using visual and virtual effects the homeowner gets to see and experience each design and watch their own garden transform in minutes before their very eyes.

Your Garden Made Perfect

The programme features award winning Garden Designers Pip Probert, Tom Massey, Manoj Malde and Helen Elks-Smith  also for small spaces and more relate able gardens Joel Bird, Designer and winner of Shed of the Year.

This ground breaking garden design programme is a huge leap away from traditional garden makeover shows with their carefully drawn garden plans and planting schemes.

This show is more garden architect with its high tech virtual imaginary with strong leanings towards the use of hard landscaping with a lot less focus on planting schemes.

virtual reality

With more and more people appreciating their outside space as another 'room' the main principles of garden design remain, having destinations in the garden, seating areas and on how the space will be used.

The main garden design and makeover is of a scale most of us would love to achieve but is not achievable for the majority of viewers compared to more realistic makeover programmes.

Joel Bird tackles the smaller garden makeovers and problem gardens with direct input from the house owner to achieve the end results. 

This seems more of a tag on, to give the viewer some idea of realistic achievable design ideas.

Angela Scanlon Joel Bird

Joel also uses a visual design board to showcase his ideas.

This is not a programme that will give you any deep insight into planting schemes, plant names or plant care in fact in the first programme they drew criticism for the removal of a very nice Monkey Puzzle tree. Wrong tree wrong place apparently.

Your Garden Made Perfect is a strictly, a before, virtual reality design and after programme with very little emphasis on the work involved in the construction and planting of the main garden.

It relies very heavily on the WOW factor for the home owner even if it does not have the same effect for the viewer.

Series 2
The programme returns for a second series on BBC2 on Friday 04 February 2022.

Angela Scanlon returns as the presenter as well as Garden Designers Pip ProbertTom MasseyManoj Malde and Helen Elks-Smith.

The budget small garden Designer Joel Bird is replaced this series by Tayshan Hayden-Smith who has been a presenter on the RHS Chelsea Flower show and Gardening Expert on Nick Knowles Better Homes.

Tayshan is also known for his outstanding contribution to greening up communities as founder of Grow2Know who promote the healing power of nature in the community.

Joining Tayshan are 2 more new Garden Designers Steve Williams and Oliver Bond.

Your Garden Made Perfect Presenters

Angela Scanlon -  Main Presenter

Series 2

Angela Scanlon -  Main Presenter

Series 1

Episode 1 - Helen Elks-Smith & Manoj Malde. Joel Bird

Episode 2 - Pip Probert & Manoj Malde. Joel Bird

Episode 3 - Helen Elks-Smith & Tom Massey. Joel Bird

Episode 4 - Pip Probert & Tom Massey. Joel Bird

Episode 5 - Manoj Malde & Tom Massey. Joel Bird

Episode 6 - Helen Elks-Smith & Pip Probert. Joel Bird

Series 2

Episode 1 - Manoj Malde & Pip Probert - Tayshan Hayden-Smith

Episode 2 - Tom Massey & Pip Probert - Tayshan Hayden-Smith

Episode 3  Helen Elks-Smith & Oliver Bond - Tayshan Hayden-Smith

Episode 4  - Manoj Malde & Helen Elks-Smith - Tayshan Hayden-Smith

Episode 5 - Steve Williams & Tom Massey - Tayshan Hayden-Smith

Episode 6 - Steve Williams & Oliver Bond - Tayshan Hayden-Smith

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