Love Your Garden

Love Your Garden

Love your Garden is the UK most popular Gardening Programme  with over 4 million viewers.

Love your Garden first aired in June 2011 but with a very different format in the first series to the garden makeover show we all know and love.

In series 1, Alan Titchmarsh visited themed gardens around the UK, with each episode featuring a different theme. 

Frances Tophill

Frances Tophill

Frances Tophill is a gardener who was born in Deal, Kent and has two sisters. 

Early attempts at gardening for Frances did not go well when her mother gave her a planter and it wasn't until much later that the idea of being a gardener was even dreamed of.

Alan Titchmarsh

Alan Titchmarsh

Alan Fred Titchmarsh was born in Ilkley, West Riding of Yorkshire on 2nd May 1949. 

His Father was a plumber and part time fireman, his Mother was a textile worker. 

His father was a typical Yorkshireman and they both instilled in him very strong family values.

Katie Rushworth

Katie Rushworth

Katie Rushworth is a gardener who was born in Leeds on 9th May 1983. 

Katie Rushworth's parents were not gardeners but her grandparents were. In the tiny back garden of their terrace house.

They filled it with plants in containers and plants just about everywhere they could. 

David Domoney

David Domoney

David Domoney is a gardener who was born in 26th March 1963 in Devizes Wiltshire. 

David has 3 siblings and his father worked for BT as a Senior Executive and his mother worked as a Tupperware Area Sales Manager.

David attended Moseley School in Birmingham leaving at 16 to attend Warwickshire Agricultural College. 

Love your Garden Series 9 Episode 1 He's one of ours

Love your Garden Series 9 Episode 1 He's one of ours

Landscape Gardener Daniel Bradbury was diagnosed with a rare form of Alzheimer's Disease 2 years ago at the age of just 30.

For the first episode of Love Your Garden series 9, Daniel was surprised at his home in Hucknall near Nottingham by Alan Titchmarsh in what turned out to be the most emotional Love your Garden episode ever shown.

Love Your Garden Series 9 Episode 2 The Secret Garden

Love Your Garden Series 9 Episode 2 The Secret Garden

In this episode of Love Your Garden Series 9 we meet Rob and Margaret Isdale from Grantham, Lincolnshire who as well as bringing up their own family, have fostered over 150 children during the last 42 years.

Rob and Margaret now in their 70s started fostering in 1977, they have fostered children, babies and mothers but now mostly have babies, often newborns awaiting adoption.

Love Your Garden Series 9 Episode 3 The Humble War Hero

Love Your Garden Series 9 Episode 3 The Humble War Hero

This week on Love Your Garden Series 9, the team are in Grassmoor in the Derbyshire Dales to surprise an extraordinary Hero.

Alan Titchmarsh first surprises Margaret on the doorstep and then he surprises Jack who is still in bed.

Love Your Garden Series 9 Episode 4 Ma to all she Feeds

Love Your Garden Series 9 Episode 4 Ma to all she Feeds

This week Love your Garden Series 9Alan Titchmarsh is in Oxford at the Asian Cultural Centre where 2 times a week they have a community Soup kitchen.

Icolyn Smith MBE

For nearly 30 years, 88 year old Icolyn Smith MBE has been feeding those in need.  

Alan surprises her whilst peeling spuds with her son Gary for tomorrows lunch. 

Love Your Garden Series 9 Episode 5 A garden for Isla

Love Your Garden Series 9 Episode 5  A garden for Isla

This week episode of Love Your Garden Series 9,  Alan Titchmarsh is in Folkstone Kent to see mum Rachel's extraordinary family. He surprises Rachel returning from the school run with her children Isla 5 and Betsy 2.


Rachel is shocked to see Alan and cant believe he is there to see her. Also in the household is Husband Ped and 11 year old George. 

Love Your Garden Series 9 Episode 6 A Dog's Paradise

Love Your Garden Series 9 Episode 6  A Dog's Paradise

This week in Love Your Garden Series 9 Episode 6,  Alan Titchmarsh is in Swindon, Wiltshire to surprise Veteran Lorraine Tilston-Brookes and her special dogs Doris and Poppy. 

Lorraine Tilston-Brookes

A shocked Lorraine opened the door and Alan was warmly greet by Lorraine and her dogs. 

Love Your Garden Series 9 Episode 7 A Healing Family Garden

Love Your Garden Series 9  Episode 7   A Healing Family Garden

In Love Your Garden Series 9 episode 7, Alan Titchmarsh is in Pontypool South Wales to surprise a family. 

Mum Karran Garlick is not in but as Alan rings the doorbell he is hoping Dad Chris Garlick and the children are in.

The door is opened by 6 year old Mairwen, who led Alan to meet and surprise her Dad Chris. 

Mairwen opens the door

Love Your Garden Series 9 Episode 8 Harry's Mum

Love Your Garden Series 9  Episode 8  Harry's Mum

In this week's episode of Love Your GardenSeries 9  Alan Titchmarsh is in Sheldon near Birmingham to surprise Georgie Moseley.

Georgie is founder of the Cancer Support Charity Help Harry Help Others (HHHO) named after her late son.

Alan arrives at the Charity's  Drop in Centre to surprise hardworking mum Georgie who has dedicated her life to helping others at the centre she started.

Carol Klein

Carol Klein

Carol Klein was born in Walkden, Lancashire on 24th June 1945.

She got her early love of gardening from her grandfather who had an allotment and from her mother.

Carol has 2 brothers and her father had a TV shop in Walkden.

Early memories include carrying around buckets of mud to bring into the house to make her own kitchen garden.

Ann-Marie Powell

Ann-Marie Powell

Ann-Marie Powell is a garden designer, gardening presenter, author and journalist from Hampshire, who was born on 7th August 1971.

Ann-Marie Powell is married with two children and lived in Petersfield in Hampshire. 

Real Gardens

Real Gardens

Real Gardens was a gardening TV show that was on our  television screens on Channel 4 from 1998 - 2000 and ran for 3 series. 

It was to be a different sort of garden makeover show than the popular Ground Force that had appeared on our screens the previous year.

Real Gardens: Episode 1

Real Gardens: Episode 1

Ann-Marie Powell - Stockport, Mike & Alison, back garden

In the outskirts of Stockport lives Mike Woodall a TV Engineer in a 3 bed semi, bought a year ago. 

With plans to redesign both the interior and garden over the summer.

 His fiancée Alison Buckley a Chef, who will move in after they are married next year both have lots of work to do in their 125ft overgrown garden.

Real Gardens: Episode 2

Real Gardens: Episode 2

Ann-Marie Powell - Harrow London, Lisa Dominic Sophia & Grace, Children's Garden

Lisa Jacobson bought her terraced house in Harrow, from her mother 2 years ago. She lives there with her husband Dominic and daughters Sophia and baby Grace. 

Sophia loves being out in the garden and helping her mum to weed. Lisa after being pregnant last summer has yet to start work on the small, narrow back garden.

Real Gardens Episode 3

In this weeks episode of Real Gardens episode 3, Ann-Marie Powell is in Stockport, to visit Mike & Alison.

Returning to Mike & Alison's back garden from Episode 1 where the couple are not only doing a garden makeover but the house as well as they are due to move in after their Spring Wedding.

In Episode 1 Ann-Marie Powell played lumberjack and cleared the trees blocking the lovely views.

The couple have been busy clearing the bottom of the garden, they are now ready to start the vegetable beds

Real Gardens Episode 4

Real Gardens  Episode 4

In this weeks Real Gardens episode 5 Ann-Marie Powell is in Harrow London, to visit Lisa, Dominic Sophia & Grace.

We return to Lisa Jacobson small back garden from Episode 2. Lisa has a young family and struggles to make time for the garden. 

She tries to do things in the garden with the Sophia her eldest daughter or when the children are playing safely in the garden. She wants a bright fun garden for the children.

Real Gardens Episode 5

Real Gardens  Episode 5

In this weeks Real Gardens episode 5 Ann-Marie Powell is in Stockport, to visit Mike & Alison.

With the UK having the wettest April on record we return to Mike & Alison back garden from Episode 1 & Episode 3

The engaged, young couple are not only transforming their house but also their back garden for when they move in, after their wedding next year.

Real Gardens Episode 6

Real Gardens  Episode 6

In this weeks Real Gardens episode 6 Ann-Marie Powell  is in Harrow London, to visit Lisa Dominic Sophia & Grace.

Lisa Jacobson from Episode 2 and Episode 4 has been busy in her Harrow small back garden making a safe child friendly garden for her 2 young children.

In the last Episode Ann-Marie Powell helped Lisa move and customise a unique style shed playhouse! 

Real Gardens Episode 7

Real Gardens Episode 7

In this weeks Real Gardens episode 7 Monty Don is in Guernsey, to visit Liz & Rod, in their garden with a lake view.

Liz Collenette lives on the island of Guernsey which is 80 miles south of Dorset and has a wonderful climate.

Liz & Rod

Liz & Rod moved to Vale Pond House, 20 years ago and the garden had been neglected. 20 years on it is looking very different. 

Real Gardens Episode 8

Real Gardens Episode 8

In this weeks Real Gardens episode 8 Carol Klein is in Devon. to visit Adrian & Debbie and look at their hanging baskets'

Adrian & Debbie Taylor sloped Dartmoor garden we last visited in Episode 6 when the orchard was planted. 

Adrian & Debbie Taylor

They love entertaining on their large deck but Debbie wants the garden to have more WOW factor and would like to open her garden to the public.

Real Gardens Episode 9

Real Gardens  Episode 9

In Real Gardens episode 9, Ann-Marie Powell is in Harrow, to visit Lisa, Dominic, Sophia & Grace.

Its now June, when we return for the final time to Lisa Jacobson small Harrow back garden which featured in Episode 2, Episode 4 and Episode 6.

Real Gardens Episode 10

In this weeks Real Gardens episode 10 Monty Don is in Guernsey, to visit Liz & Rod, in their Garden with a lake view.

Liz Collenette has adapted
working in her Guernsey Lake side garden around her back problems of 12 years. 

She no longer does any hard manual digging but relies on a 4 inch trowel to keep her amazing garden weed free.

Real Gardens Episode 11

Real Gardens Episode 11

In this weeks Real Gardens episode 11 Monty Don is in Huddersfield, to visit Adam & Katie & family.

Adam Waterman
met Katie a Solicitor while working at Huddersfield University. That was 5 years ago, they are now married with 4 young children, Poppy-Anna, Harmony, Zack and Tarais. 

Real Gardens Episode 12

Real Gardens Episode 12

In this weeks Real Gardens episode 12, Carol Klein is in Devon at Adrian and Debbie's garden.

Debbie and Adrian Taylor sloped garden in Devon has amazing views of Dartmoor from their decked terrace. 

The busy police officers and parents to baby Emily moved to the bungalow 3 years ago.

Real Gardens Episode 13

Real Gardens Episode 13

In this weeks Real Gardens episode 13, Monty Don welcomes us to RHS Hampton Court Flower Show.

Monty Don is in Huddersfield, for a visit to Adam & Katie & family.

We return to Adam Waterman garden in Huddersfield which we visited for the first time in Episode 11.

Real Gardens Episode 14

Real Gardens Episode 14

This weeks episode of Real Gardens Episode 14 it is an hour long special returning to see some previous featured gardens and their gardeners.

Monty Don is in Liverpool, to see Annabel, Nick & their 4 children, for a return Visit

Annabel Waynne Jones lives in the suburbs of Liverpool and when the programme first visited her garden it was split into 2 separate gardens.

Real Gardens Episode 15

Real Gardens Episode 15

In Real Gardens Episode 15, Ann-Marie Powell visits Cotswolds to see Dilys and her Town garden.

Dilys Wilson moved from the countryside to a ruin of a Cotswold town House a year ago. Dilys has been renovating the house and took just 6 months to complete before starting on the garden

Real Gardens Episode 16

Real Gardens Episode 16

In Real Gardens Episode 16, Monty Don visits Guernsey to see Liz and Rod and their Garden with a lake view.

Liz Collenette has a 2 acre garden with stunning views of Vale Pond in Guernsey and it has been Liz and Rod's home for the last 30 years.

Real Gardens Episode 17

Real Gardens Episode 17

In Real Gardens Episode 17, Monty Don visits Huddersfield to see Adam, Katie and family to see their children's jungle playground

We return to Huddersfield to the allotments and garden of Adam Waterman who we last visited in Real Gardens Episode 15.

In this episode the organic gardener was tackling pest problems on his allotment and adding acid loving plants to a new border.

Real Gardens Episode 18

Real Gardens Episode 18

In Real Gardens Episode 18, Monty Don visits Guernsey to meet Liz and Rod and see their Garden with a lake view.

Liz Cornett garden overlooks the beautiful Vale Pond in Guernsey.

Her borders and 75ft greenhouse all benefit from the mild climate.

Real Gardens Episode 19

Real Gardens Episode 19

In this episode of Real Gardens, Monty Don visits Leicestershire to see Joanne and John for a return visit.

Joanna and John Crane's beautiful garden in Leicestershire has been their home for 13 years.

Their garden was featured in a previous series of Real Gardens.

Real Gardens Episode 20

Real Gardens Episode 20

In Real Gardens Episode 20, Monty Don visits Leicestershire to see Joanne and John for a return visit.

This week is the last in the series and I believe the last ever Real Gardens as Channel 4 dropped all their gardening Programmes in 2001 after losing coverage of the RHS flower shows. Pete Free 🌻