Love Your Garden Series 9 Episode 8 Harry's Mum

Love Your Garden Series 9  Episode 8  Harry's Mum

In this week's episode of Love Your GardenSeries 9  Alan Titchmarsh is in Sheldon near Birmingham to surprise Georgie Moseley.

Georgie is founder of the Cancer Support Charity Help Harry Help Others (HHHO) named after her late son.

Alan arrives at the Charity's  Drop in Centre to surprise hardworking mum Georgie who has dedicated her life to helping others at the centre she started.

'Oh my gosh, WOW' a shocked Georgie greets Alan and offers him a cuppa.   

Georgie explains to Alan that the centre is to support adults and children who are affected by any sort of cancer, through counselling, professional advice, benefit, financial and housing advice. 

Alan Meets Georgie at the centre

They also have wig and bra fitting as well as holistic therapies.

Alan asks about the name Help Harry Help Others and Georgie tells Alan about Harry her son who is the brainchild behind the charity. 

Harry was just 11 years old when he tragically died in 2011 and the centre keeps Harry and Georgie going.

Danni Green, Harry's sister, talks about Harry. He was cheeky, kind, thoughtful and had a mouth on him, was loud and jokey. 

Kelly Nunn, Friend and Office Manager, spoke about Harry being an inspirational young man and always helping others.

Harry was just 7 years old when he was diagnosed with  brain Cancer. 

Sister Danni talks about the change in Harry after his diagnosis and treatment how his personality and demeanour changed. 

Alan and Georgie

This hit the family hard.

Despite his Diagnosis Harry raised over £75,000.00 over the next 3 years for Cancer Charities before he sadly died aged just 11 years old.

Kelly spoke about even towards the end he was always and inspiration and always smiling.

Georgie was determined to carry on the legacy Harry had started and Kelly talks about how amazing Georgie is setting up this charity when going through such a huge and tragic loss.

Kelly is in admiration how Georgie gets up every day and carries on, to help others.

Drop in Centre

The Drop in Centre helps 100s of people in the area who are affected by Cancer.

Mandy Holloway a Cancer patient talks about without Georgie and the Team, she believes she would have been dead a long while ago! 

Georgie does not know how special she is and she could not do without the Centre being there.

Danni says, quite simply, her mum is incredible and no one is quite like her in the world!

Georgie said Harry taught her to believe in herself. 'Cancer can not take away from me, I'm Harrys Mum'

A teary Alan tells Georgie its about time something was done for you, as you spend all your time doing things for others. 

Lets go look at your garden! Georgie reaction makes us think it may be in dire need of a makeover!

The Garden

The garden is triangular. 

Georgie's gardenGeorgie's garden

Georgie says the garden is how her life has been the last few years, Hard, tough, dark and gloomy.

There is a side garden that is fenced off as they don't use it! 

Also Harry's shed that needs to remain.

The garden is the only place she can be alone with Harry, as there is no grave for him.

Alan says he will make it a family place as well as for remembering Harry.

Alan packs off Georgie and his team of Landscapers arrive and also his fellow designers David Domoney, Katie Rushworth and Frances Tophill and so is lots and lots of rain forecast!

David Domoney, Katie Rushworth, Alan Titchmarsh and Frances Tophill

Alan plan is to create an Ibiza inspired garden to remember their happy holidays with Harry.

David's Job is remove the fence separating the two garden areas and join them together to make one large garden.

Katie's Job is to create a dining area and somewhere to entertain friends and family.

Alan's job is make sure there are memories of Harry in the garden, by way of reminders.

Frances feels a bit left out! But her job is makeover a patch of garden at the Drop in Centre all on her own!

A Work in progress

The fence dividing the 2 parts of the garden is removed and Harry's shed is moved to the end of the garden creating a focal point.

terracotta urn water feature

is using sandstone bricks to make the circular well for the terracotta urn water feature.

David starts work on the pergolas that are set at angles to make the garden appear wider and to draw your eye down the garden.

In the hidden part of the garden, to one of the 3 pergolas David plants a Star Jasmine to cover it. 

Star Jasmine

David lays a new lawn and creates a crescent shaped border. 

He plants a Fatsia Japonica and Eucalyptus French Blue to add some contrast.

He adds some white posts throughout the garden to tie it all together.

Sun loungers are added to the lawn.

David relaxes on a sun lounger

The winding light coloured stone path takes you all around the garden from area to area.

Katie has started working on the dining area.

To create a luxury feel she is using porcelain pavers made to look like timber.

Painting the outside brick

Using rock set in concrete Katie is defining the circular areas within the garden as edging.

Katie is painting the pergola white in between the rain showers!

The curved seating is rendered white and the metal Chimera set into the wall.

Curved seating area is rendered

Katie is planting her bed with things that like hot, dry conditions like Eryngium Sea Holly.

She is using Macramé to make some hanging string planters for the pergola.

Katie then places a plant pot and these will hang from the pergola.

Katie's Macramé planter

Katie fills the metal gabion style Chimera with white pebbles.

The dining table is added to the paved area.

Alan is making a mosaic in the floor in front of the seating area with a H for Harry. 

The Letter H for the mosaic

Using a mortar that is 4/5 sand 1/5 cement he uses a template of the H. 

Alan makes the H with pieces of slate and fills the rest with pebbles.

Next he builds a low sandstone wall, very rustic!

Alan plants a fig tree, the roots like to be restricted and the fruits that come through the winter are the ones that you can pick the next year. 

Finished garden Finished garden

Around the base he plants Veronica Ulster Dwarf blue.

The beds around the seating area are planted up with Helianthemum Sun Rose and the stinky Tulbaghia Violacea next to Sisyrinchium Angustifolium Blue Eyed Grass.

Next Alan plants some ground cover plants to the lower beds. 

Ground cover plants

He has filled it with gritty compost and plants creeping Thyme, House Leeks and then tops the bed with fine gravel.

Next we see Frances over at the Drop in Centre greets a surprised Georgie and she sets to work on the plot by the car park. 

They add a trellis fence for privacy and paint the wall a pale green. 

Flower mural on the wall

Mural painter David Crossley adds a flower mural to the wall.

Frances adds Espalier Apple trees to the trellis fencing.

In the raised beds that were already at the centre she plants super foods to the beds. 

Raised beds

She plants blackcurrants, lettuce, red cabbage and curly kale.

Frances is filling the garden with fragrant plants. 

First Roses and she starts with 'Golden Celebration'.

commemorative handmade bench for Harry

She lays the lawn and adds the final touch a commemorative handmade bench for Harry inscribed with his favourite saying. 

'Believe in yourself and make it happen'.

Alan is visiting a garden in Leamington Spa designed by Tom Wolstenholme.

He has used an awkward space to create an illusion of a completely different shape to the garden.

a garden in Leamington Spa designed by Tom Wolstenholme

Using 2 large circles within the garden with a raised wall it helps distracts from the awkward shape. 

The dense planting of English shrub roses, Lavender and thyme fill the garden and a water feature helps disguise the road noise.

What the Garden means to Georgie

Alan visits Georgie at the Drop in Centre to find out what keeps her motivated to do this every day.

Georgie talks about Harry. 


Harry was funny, cheeky and witty and had an amazing heart. 

They never thought they would lose him and was told he could live with his tumour and control it. The tumour then grew and overtook Harry. 

Georgie recalls the pain Harry's brother and sister went through. Their teenage year were taken over by Cancer.

Georgie says she does what she does now because it effects every inch of the family, their lifestyle and everyone around them.

Her children lost their childhood and she feels her 2 children went through more than what Harry did, watching what he went through at the end. 

It was this impact that made her start the Drop in Centre, she feels like Cancer is her life. 

Harry taught her so much and he used to say 'believe in yourself and make it happen'. And she does!

Anyone can come at any time to the Drop in Centre and can access the services when they need to.

The Grand Reveals

First to the garden at the Drop in Centre

The Centre Grand RevealThe Centre Grand Reveal

'OH WOW' 'Gosh its wonderful' 'the clients the clients' 'I love the colour everything come alive, its peaceful' 'Everyone's gonna love and appreciate this'

A huge hug for Frances as the staff, volunteers and attendees flood out to see the garden.

Now back to her own garden....

Georgie's home grand reveal
Georgie's home grand reveal

'OH my gosh, OH WOW' 'Its so beautiful' 'Cant believe its the same garden'.

'OH Harry's shed' 'Loves sitting by the firepit' 'Harry loved Ibiza' 

Tears flow as she sees the mosaic H for Harry.

finished garden finished garden

She is shocked at the extra garden she never used or seen!
'You have brought my house alive again'.

Family, friends flood into the rain soaked garden, but they are all oblivious at the transformation to the  Ibiza style garden and the champagne corks pop, cocktails flow. 

Typical British weather unfortunately, but they party on regardless!

Extra Reading

The Harry Moseley Story: Making it Happen
Georgina Moseley & Simon Goodyear

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