Real Gardens Episode 8

Real Gardens Episode 8

In this weeks Real Gardens episode 8 Carol Klein is in Devon. to visit Adrian & Debbie and look at their hanging baskets'

Adrian & Debbie Taylor sloped Dartmoor garden we last visited in Episode 6 when the orchard was planted. 

Adrian & Debbie Taylor

They love entertaining on their large deck but Debbie wants the garden to have more WOW factor and would like to open her garden to the public.

Adrian & Debbie Taylor garden

Debbie & Adrian have lots of hanging baskets but struggle to keep them watered as they were drying out so quickly. 

Carol Klein arrives to help solve the watering problem and to give them some design ideas. 

They would like some herb hanging baskets near the back door. Carol points out that some herbs don't get on well together. 

They have some marigolds brought from the garden centre and some parsley grown from seed. Carol suggests hanging 2 baskets together, they line them with Sisal and a plastic liner to help retain moisture. 

They soak some water retaining crystals in water for an hour to then mix in with compost.

water retaining crystals

They cut holes in the sisal and poke the plants through before filling with a mix of compost, peat, grit, slow release feed and the soaked water retaining crystals. 

They put a cardboard lid on the planters before joining them together in a ball shape fixing them with wire. 

The herb globe is hung and will quickly grow together.

herb globe

Ann-Marie Powell is in Stockport, to visit Mike & Alison.

In Episode 7 Mike & Alison planted up their bog garden in their back garden.

bog garden

This week with the help of Ann-Marie Powell, Mike & Alison want help with the front garden which they hope to brighten up with the bedding plants they have brought.

Ann-Marie loves the colour combinations they have brought with purple Petunias and deep pink Osteospermum. 

They have a bed in the middle of the front garden. Alison also has some seeds to add to the bedding plants.

bedding plant

They prepare the ground, with Mike digging in some compost and Ann-Marie adds bone meal.

They mark out the design using a plastic bottle filled with silver sand with a hole in the lid.

They decide on big stripes of colour. They lay out the plants first.

They first put in a pink non trailing Lobelia then put in rows of Nasturtium seeds which are easy to grow. Late May is the best time for bedding plants when the last frost has gone.

front bed

They head round to the back garden to look at the middle section of the garden.  Ann-Marie tells them they will head to RHS Chelsea Flower Show for some ideas.

Ann-Marie Powell, Mike & Alison

Monty Don is in Guernsey, to see Liz & Rod, and their Garden with a lake view.

Liz & Rod Collenette live in Guernsey with its mild climate being so good to garden in. Their 2 acre plot overlooks Vale Pond which we first visited in Episode 7

Liz & Rod garden

Liz is creating a Mediterranean Terrace and Monty Don arrives to see how it is progressing. 

She has constructed 2 brick pillars to support, in one area it will have a a pantile roof and the rest a pergola style roof for climbers.

Monty Don and Liz

Liz has already bought some plants for the new area, Rosemary and Phormium 'Pink Panther'. 

They pot the Rosemary in ordinary soil and the Phormium they use homemade potting compost made up of manure, seaweed and compost. 

pots for terrace

Next job is to remove the brambly mound with Monty at the controls of a hired digger he makes light work of the brambles. 

He then removes the rubble and dirt left over from when the extension was built and the ground is flattened.

Monty Don on digger

Monty invites Liz to Come to RHS Chelsea Flower Show for ideas and inspiration for the now cleared area.

RHS Chelsea Flower Show

Monty Don welcomes us to Chelsea where this year there are 2 new pavilions.

Adrian, Debbie & Carol Klein

Pricewaterhouse Coopers Princes Trust Garden

The first garden they visit is Pricewaterhouse Coopers Princes Trust Garden (Bronze Flora). Carol Klein shows round Adrian & Debbie and its very different to their Dartmoor sloped garden. 

It is a very calming garden and Carol likes the use of geranium Dusky Cranesbill Geranium Phaeum 'Album'. 

The water feature they do think is a wow factor. 

They might add some planters they liked in the garden.

Pricewaterhouse Coopers Princes Trust Garden

Adrian & Debbie are still on the look out for something with the WOW factor for their Patio. 

They go to the Sculpture Workshop stand and try out a kissing seat.

Adrian, Debbie & Carol Klein

Liz & Monty Don

Monty takes Liz Coronet to one of his favourite show gardens, Evening Standard A garden for all Time (Gold Award) by Arabella Lennox-Boyd. 

Liz finds it so elegant and loves the clean lines. She may add an olive in a tub in her new terrace. 

Monty suggests Fleabane Erigeron Karvinskianus for underplanting but Liz would rather use a local daisy St Peter Port. 

Liz is not sure about the silver in contrast with the bright flowers, Guernsey may not be ready for a Chelsea design just yet.

Evening Standard A garden for all Time (Gold Award) by Arabella Lennox-Boyd

Monty takes Liz into the Marquee to look at Echeveria Secunda Glauca and Dyckia Forsteri for her shade to go nicely with Aeonium 'Swartkop'.

Liz is also drawn to Pelargonium 'Splendide' but its evident Liz and Monty do not share the same taste.


Mike, Alison & Ann-Marie Powell

Ann-Marie Powell takes Mike & Alison to see Marks & Spencer Cut Grass Garden (Silver Award). It is lovely the couple say but not for their garden so they move on.

Barts City Life Saver Chaos and Rhythm

The contemporary design of Barts City Life Saver Chaos and Rhythm (Silver-Gilt Award) by Claire Whitehouse. 

This is more the young couples style, they like the sophisticated colour palate of planting. 

They like the way the lawn is split up.


Off to the marquee to look at plants for their shady area. White Veil Fuchsias do not go down well with Alison who says they are awful! Fuchsia 'Celia Smedley' she finds not too bad.

Mike, Alison

Monty suggestion for the flower show is to write down the names of what you like as its more than likely you will forget them.

All the gardeners have got a lot of ideas and things they want for their own gardens. The range of plants and stands on offer have amazed the amateur gardens and they cant wait to get started on their new ideas.

RHS Chelsea Flower Show

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