Real Gardens Episode 15

Real Gardens Episode 15

In Real Gardens Episode 15, Ann-Marie Powell visits Cotswolds to see Dilys and her Town garden.

Dilys Wilson moved from the countryside to a ruin of a Cotswold town House a year ago. Dilys has been renovating the house and took just 6 months to complete before starting on the garden

It was a mass of brambles and now needs the help of Ann-Marie Powell to help complete the hard work she has started. 

She has retaining walls and steps in place. Anne-Marie says it feels country to her with all the stone.

Cotswold town House

Dilys has drawn a plan and the garden is split it into 4 areas,.

The courtyard which is gravelled, a potager for vegetables and fruit, a pond surrounded by planting and  a lawn area separated by trellis.

Dilys and Ann-Marie

The first job is to construct an arbour with trellis sides and back by the pond to be. 

A wall of trellis will separate this area from the lawn with a gap at the steps for access.

They start by using a string line to get the horizontals correct, which Dilys checks is how she wants it to be. 

Ann-Marie digs the holes for the post and Dilys marks where the trellis panels will be.

Dily and Ann-Marie working on trellis

Ann-Marie uses a spirit level to put the post in and Dilys puts in the post mix. Only 8 more to go and to line up!

Whilst waiting for the post mix to set they cut the trellis to size. 

They then screw the trellis to the Arbour and put on the top arch. they then add the trellis panels to form the separating wall.

Trellis and Archway

Ann-Marie and Dilys sit down after the hard work is done and joke about Dilys needing a new man to help her with the hard work! 

She now has a snogging seat! 

Dilys and Ann-Marie

Monty Don goes to Huddersfield to visit Adam & Katie & family children and their Jungle playground

We last visited Adam Waterman in Episode 12. Adam has 3 allotments as well as a busy home life where he feeds his vegetarian family with his organically grown produce. 

He likes to work with nature and does not want to feed his family food covered in pesticides.


Monty Don, Adam and Katie have also started work to transform the front garden into a play area for their 4 young children, Poppy-Anna, Harmony, Zack and Tarais. 

Adam, Katie and Children

Monty is also an organic gardener so asks Adam about carrot fly and how he deals with them. 

Adam uses a barrier method of a thin net over some plastic piping. 

Monty says he uses fleece that Adam has on his brassicas. Adam doesn't use this for carrots because of the expense.

Barrier netting

Adam does have a problem with slugs eating his strawberries. 

Monty says to use grit but Adam says its to expensive although it lasts longer then the hay he has used, that is housing the slugs. 

Adam and Monty

Adam is going to use slug eating Nematodes that burrow into the slugs and eat them! 

They mix them with water that activate the worm nematodes and spray over the strawberries.

Making a predator hotel

Next job is in the polytunnel to put up some predator hotels which will encourage insects like ladybirds that will kill any aphids.

Monty does not think much of the yellow ladybird tubes and food! 

Adam also has a lacewing house that Monty thinks is funny with its pheromone straw. 

Front garden

Back to the front garden with the children's jungle. 

The acid loving plants they dug up in the last episode need a new bed. 

The soil is not acid enough so they decide to test the soil using a kit, dirt and tap water. It is 6.5 so not acidic.

Adam wants this bed so they dig in pine needles and manure so they plant the pot bound plants and mulch with more pine needles to give them a fighting chance.

Children's Jungle

Katie and the children return and Monty turns down the invitation to decorate and makes a hasty retreat.

Carol Klein travels to Chulmleigh Devon to help Chris & Bill in their Country garden

We last visited the ex Essex couple Chris & Bill Skeels in Episode 13 where they added some borders to a gravel area using some of Chris's propagated plants.

Gravel area

In this episode Carol Klein arrives to help them make their new pond, more wildlife friendly.

Bill is busy adding beds for marginal plants at the side on a shelf which he has filled with pond liner and top soil. Carol helps him to make a second planter.

New pond area

Chris shows Carol her plants she has for the pond, marginals, oxygenators and water lilies.

They start with the Oxygenators that sit at the bottom of the pond and they discourage blanket weed. 

They tie them to stones to help keep them at the bottom and throw them in. 

Planting weeds

The marginals include the native Yellow Flag Iris Pseudacorus that will attract the wildlife. 

Chris plants Houttuynia Cordata that can be evasive and is not native but smells of orange peel! Arum Lily Zantedeschia 'Crowborough' is a hardy plant they keep in its aquatic pot.

Once the pond is full they will be under 6 inches of water. They will add gravel to the top first to stop the soil washing away.

More plants are added

Parrot's Feather Myriophyllum Aquaticum is added to float on the surface.

Carol will return next time to see the completed pond.

Monty Don on Tomatoes

Monty Don Tomato plants

It is really important to pinch out the laterals, which grow at 45 degrees from the stem and branch of the tomato plant. 

Pinching out tomato plants

Train the plant up a support, this can be a cane or twine.

Keep them well watered at least once a week and feed them high potash.

All photographs are copyright of Channel 4

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