Real Gardens Episode 10

In this weeks Real Gardens episode 10 Monty Don is in Guernsey, to visit Liz & Rod, in their Garden with a lake view.

Liz Collenette has adapted
working in her Guernsey Lake side garden around her back problems of 12 years. 

She no longer does any hard manual digging but relies on a 4 inch trowel to keep her amazing garden weed free.

Liz Collenette

On Monty Don Last visit in Episode 9, Monty was shown round Liz extraordinary 75ft greenhouse. 

Monty helped save her Citrus Corner and pruned a grape vine as well as lime washing the outside.

Mediterranean sun terrace

Monty arrives to view the new Mediterranean sun terrace which is now complete with a Pan tile and pergola style roof. 

Surrounded by plants and climbers, Liz has had a granite pan water feature made, complete with running water and a bottom pan big enough to cool the wine bottles. 

A picnic style bench seat completes the area but to me looks out of place?

The relocated citrus plants look much healthier out of the greenhouse, with 1 even in bloom. 

A small debate over Liz's Geranium which turns out to be a Pelargonium 'Samba' according to Monty due to the fat leaves.


Todays job is to improve the view from the terrace. In Episode 7Episode 8 they cleared the bramble mound and removed tree branches to make a viewing window to the pond beyond.

new raised bed area

They have continued to clear the area and are making a raised bed out of stones with the help of Son Philip.  

They start with a line of big rocks at the bottom using Guernsey granite which they found mostly in the garden. 

They build it up in layers, tilting slightly inwards then compact the soil behind it. They add 6 barrows of Liz's homemade seaweed and horse manure compost to improve the soil.

new raised bed area

Liz has a blue and yellow theme for the planting inspired by her visit to RHS Chelsea Flower Show.  This includes Foxtail Lily Eremurus Stenophyllus and the bed is to be planted with just herbaceous perennials. 

They start at 4ft high at the back of the bed down to 2 inches at the front to be viewed from the terrace.

new raised bed area

Liz is not sure of the positioning so decides to sleep on the design and plant up the next day. 

When Monty arrives the next morning he finds that Liz has already planted up the bed and is busy watering them in. 

She has moved and added a few plants including a yellow Monkshood Aconitum 'Ivorine'. Monty is disappointed not to be planting them but is looking forward to seeing them all in bloom.

Next job is thinning the 4 varieties of apples in Liz's orchard.  Even in the dry ground there are too many apples in each cluster. 

Monty thins them out to give them space and air leaving about 3 on each cluster.

thinning apples

Monty will return in a couple of weeks to see how the garden is progressing.

Ann-Marie Powell is in Islington North London, to visit Pat & Sandy, in their Jungle garden.

Pat Wallace has been a London Cab driver for 7 years. As well as transporting passengers his cab is often full of tropical plants.  

A passenger once jumped in the off duty cab and had to ride along amongst the greenery.


Pat garden is full of tender exotic plants, it is just a small courtyard garden in Islington but it has the jungle effect. It is full of palms and tree ferns and has a large raised pond. 

Sandy says Pat spends a fortune at the London markets buying plants.

Pat Wallace

Ann-Marie Powell is wowed by Pats garden and she has come along to help him with design ideas so he can make the most of his exotic plant collection.

Jungle garden

Pat has them all in a row including a Blue Fan Palm Brahea Armata which is not being shown at its best. 

Pat also collects tree ferns included in his collection is Woolly Tree Fern Dicksonia Antarctica which is huge. 

As the frons die off they build up to form the trunks of these prehistoric Australian plants.

Woolly Tree Fern Dicksonia Antarctic

Pat also has some rare tree ferns that he has had problems with rot. Pat points out that you should never water them from the top as people believe as this actually causes rot.

Todays job is to plant a Woolly Tree Fern, but first the big fern needs an equally big hole.  

Ann-Marie makes some drainage holes in the bottom and the tree fern will hopefully form a canopy over the rare tree ferns and offer some protection.

Pat makes his own compost and liquid compost which he adds to the hole wearing gloves as it is very stinky. 

Some grit is added to the hole as well as some wooden stakes to give the tree fern a stable start until it forms its own roots. 

Ann-Marie Powell and Pat

The trunk is 11ft tall and Pat son Liam arrives to help lift it into the hole.

More wooden stakes are hammered in then the hole then filled with compost and treaded in.

The tree fern is over 100 years old and the frons will be 4ft long when fully in leaf. The trunk is then given a soaking.

Ann-Marie Powell and Pat

On Ann-Marie next visit she will help rearrange some more plants and maybe tackle the pond planting.

Carol Klein is in Devon. to visit Adrian & Debbie, to create a wow patio area.

Debbie and Adrian's sloped garden in Devon keeps the police officers busy as well as caring for their young daughter.

Adrian & Debbie garden

In Episode 8  they tackled their hanging basket problem with Carol Klein as well as visiting the RHS Chelsea Flower Show for inspiration to give their garden the WOW factor they crave.

Carol returns to the Devon garden with stunning views from their large raised decking area to help them create the WOW!

For their patio area they are inspired by the uncluttered look at Chelsea and plan on keeping it simple. 

Since Carol last visit they have added trellis to the patio area and a weird looking pipe.

strange pipe

Debbie has dug out a bed near the patio and it is already planted with several plants for her 'smelly bed'. 

These include Rosemary, fennel and sage all ready  to throw herbs on the bar be que. 


Unfortunately Adrian has covered the bed in manure which the Rosemary will hate due to the oils in the plant and the soil actually needs to be poor. 

Adrian goes in search of some rubble to add to the bed once they have removed the offending manure!

Carol Klein Adrian & Debbie

Adrian paints the walls of the patio area a rich terracotta to warm the whole area up.

Carol and Debbie dig in the rubble at the front of the bed. Carol spots a Myrtle Myrtus Communis that needs relocating into the sun and moves it quickly. 

A Dianthus 'Glebe Cottage White' is added to the front of the bed for its fragrance. 

A trio of  Chocolate Cosmos Cosmos Atrosanguineus  are added and once in flower will fill the bed with their chocolate fragrance. 

The tubers need digging up and storing in the winter. 

Lemon Verbena is added in a shadier spot.

At the back of the bed in the manured part, roses will flourish in the rich soil.

hole in wood

Adrian works on his Chelsea inspired feature by threading wood over a copper upright pipe, much to Debbie and Carols bemusement!  

Adrian turns on the water and the Jenga inspired water feature comes to life. Carol loves it!

water feature

The patio is finished off with 2 blue large planted pots and as the sun goes down the patio area is Wowed!

Carol Klein Adrian & Debbie

Monty Don on Roses

The way to keep the roses flowering is by regularly deadheading them using secateurs. 

Monty says to see this as pruning, so cut them back to the next leaf or leaf bud as this will stimulate the growth hormone. 

Monty Don

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