Real Gardens Episode 4

Real Gardens  Episode 4

In this weeks Real Gardens episode 5 Ann-Marie Powell is in Harrow London, to visit Lisa, Dominic Sophia & Grace.

We return to Lisa Jacobson small back garden from Episode 2. Lisa has a young family and struggles to make time for the garden. 

She tries to do things in the garden with the Sophia her eldest daughter or when the children are playing safely in the garden. She wants a bright fun garden for the children.

Lisa Jacobson

Lisa with the help of her sister Susanne has cleared the garden of junk and have moved the shed on to the grass to repair the foundations and spruce up the shed.

Ann-Marie Powell returns to the garden in Harrow to see how Lisa has progressed. 

Lisa has bought Astro turf, shed flooring and some Nelly Moser Clematis Printed PVC wheelie bin covering for the shed!

Ann-Marie Powell and Lisa Jacobson

They need to move the foundations of the shed as it is being moved 90 degrees. Lisa removes the door and they need to cut a new doorway in the side of the shed. 

They make a frame for the new door and with the help of Lisa brother David for some muscle and a jigsaw. They block up the old shed doorway. 

They all heave the shed into its new position.

For the Clematis clad panels they need some marine ply which they cut to size and cover with the Clematis covered wheelie bin covers. 

Ann-Marie attaches the Astro turf to the 'green' roof. 

They add child friendly PVC windows and attach brightly painted window boxes to the shed with they fill with Polyanthus. After reattaching the clematis clad door the shed is complete.

garden shed

It certainly makes a statement! Ann-Marie Leaves Lisa to add a bird box and will return next time.

Monty Don is in Norfolk, to visit Bryony, Martin & their 4 children.

Returning to Bryony Jacklin's garden from Episode 1, Episode 2 and Episode 3 where Bryony propagates a lot of the plants herself to fill the borders in her 3 acre garden.

Bryony Jacklin's garden

Monty Don returns to see signs of new growth in the Alexanders Smyrnium Olusatrum, a costal plant they transplanted from the local Vicars garden into the driveway borders.

Monty job this week is to help Bryony create a Roundel.

First Monty finds out what a Roundel is!

Monty is shown a plan of the Roundel a circular bed comprising of a circle in the centre with broken circular equal sized beds surrounding it.

The whole area will be transformed with a Cherry tree focal point at the other end with wildflower beds. A dog wood hedge will surround the area.


They start with yet more digging for Monty. They mark out the centre of the Roundel 6ft central circle bed with a cane and using string and stick dipped in paint.

They dig out the turf to place upside down by the compost to turn into reusable soil.


Once the central bed is dug over they space out the propagated Common Box Buxus Sempervirens cuttings 6 inches apart but staggered in the bed.

They place a large one in the middle that eventually will be shaped into a cone.

Common Box

They leave the rest of the Roundel undug as the plants to go in them are only at the pricking out stage in the greenhouse but will be ready by Spring.

Bryony has some Calamintha that is just about ready into a seed tray with compost mixed with a bit of sand / grit.

Monty Don and Bryony

Bryony mentions its her birthday at the weekend and she always gets compost as a present. Monty surprises her with a gift of a Magnolia tree to the delight and tears from Bryony.

Carol Klein is in Devon, to visit Adrian & Debbie, in their Sloped garden.

We return to Adrian & Debbie's Dartmoor sloped garden from Episode 2 . The busy Police Officers and parents to  baby Emily try to spend as much time in the garden as possible.

Adrian & Debbie

In the last episode along with Carol Klein the couple started work on replanting the 50ft bed using a planting plan designed by Carol to add blocks of colour instead of their random planting scheme.

Carol left the couple to finish the bed. Carol returns and she is amazed at their progress on the huge bed and it is very much to her plan. 

They have added a seat they plan to backfill with Marjoram. Unfortunately a few plants have suffered but they hope may pick up.

flower bed

Todays task is to clear the stream, a yearly task to keep it free flowing. Waders on, the first job is to remove Hemlock water-dropwort Oenanthe Crocata which is very poisonous. 

Wearing rubber gloves for protection it doesn't stop Adrian taking a dip! They remove the celery smelling roots as much as possible.

The stream is now looking bare so they have some left over Yellow Flag Iris Pseudoceros which they transplant. 

Iris are a native plant so it is ok to add to the wild stream as you shouldn't transplant non-native species.  The Iris is kept in place by heavy stones.

Carol Klein

Next job to add some colour to the stream bank in their garden. They have some primroses and wild flower seeds but Carol thinks the seeds will be swamped by the grass.  

Finding some forget me nots and primroses they add them to the bank. Carol suggests wild flower plugs if they want to add any more. 

The bank will just need a strim in August to help distribute any seeds after flowering has finished. 

Carol Klein Adrian & Debbie

Carol will return in another programme. 

Monty Don on Young trees

If you have a young tree in the garden its base needs to be clear of weeds and grass.  

By lifting the grass and weeds away all the sun and rain can get to the tree and help the growth. Use a garden fabric and Mulch/bark to supress further weed growth.

Monty Don

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