Real Gardens Episode 18

Real Gardens Episode 18

In Real Gardens Episode 18, Monty Don visits Guernsey to meet Liz and Rod and see their Garden with a lake view.

Liz Cornett garden overlooks the beautiful Vale Pond in Guernsey.

Her borders and 75ft greenhouse all benefit from the mild climate.

Overhead view of their house and garden

This week is our last visit to the garden and their garden has been featured in previous episodes. 

In Real Gardens Episode 7 sweet peas were planted and branches trimmed that obscured the view from the terrace.

In Real Gardens Episode 8 they planted some containers in the new terrace and visited RHS Chelsea Flower Show. Monty also got handy with a digger and cleared a mound. 

In Real Gardens Episode 9 they planted a new bed and we also got our first look at the huge 75ft greenhouse that they lime washed and freed some citrus trees from.

In Real Gardens Episode 10 they planted the area that was cleared that they could see from the new terrace and did some pruning in the orchard.

In Real Gardens Episode 12 they moved some poppies and covered an outside toilet in Clematis.

In Real Gardens Episode 16 we had a look around the greenhouse and collected seaweed and luckily no dead rats for Liz's special compost mix!

Monty Don spots some Lillum Star Gazer

Monty Don returns for his final look round and straight away he spots some Lillum 'Star Gazer' in the border and Hebe 'Great Orme'. 

Liz says she does like to organise her border so it has seasonal colour but she also likes to see the seed heads left. 

Monty comments he has noticed that and also weeds! Liz says she likes time off so she not bothered.

Bed of country roses

Liz wants to make a huge change to the 25ft long bed of Country roses.

The roses border the main path into the garden and she wants to get rid of them! 

The roses have mildew and bindweed has taken over.

Mildew on rose leaves

They don protective clothes and thick gloves and use heavy duty loppers. 

They drag the huge pile of roses out of the way and plan to dig up what is left. 

Liz says she wants to replant with new Roses. Monty says that you cannot plant Roses in the same soil as you have had roses in before. 

Digging a trench

So the old soil needs to be removed which means digging a trench 2ft deep and 3ft wide!

The next day Liz is soaking her new Roses Japanese Rose Rosa Rugosa 'Alba' which is mildew resistant when Monty arrives. 

They back fill the trench with Liz's compost then topsoil. 

Japanese Rose Rosa Rugosa 'Alba'

Monty digs a hole with his hands and plants the rose, they do this for all 14 new roses which are then watered in and mulched.

One more little job is to position a new arch before Monty says his final farewells to Liz, Rod and Guernsey.

Carol Klein visits Wiltshire to see Adam and his organic self sufficient Garden


8 months ago Adam Hunt moved into his Wiltshire cottage and both the house and garden needed a lot of work. 

Adam works as an Arts and Environment Officer for the local council and is passionate about Organic Gardening. 

He likes to eat local grown food that he knows where it comes from and likes to observe garden wildlife.

Overview of Adam's garden

Adam has a long narrow garden with different areas, some of it is wild whilst others are a bit cultivated. 

At the end of the garden Adam has started a vegetable garden.

In the centre of the garden there are some overgrown trees.

Vegetables growing under trees

Adam is experimenting and growing vegetables under them.

Adam wants to live the good life and to be self sufficient growing produce in the garden.

Adam has chickens and ducks and a greenhouse for tomatoes

Overview of Adam's greenhouse

Carol Klein arrives for her first look round and she shares his interest in Organic Gardening. 

She would like to sort out the patio area nearest to the house as her first job. It is a little overgrown. 

Adam has loads of herbs in pots and would like to lift some slabs to make a herb bed.

Carol and Adam at the patio

First they clear the pots before starting to rip out the weeds growing through the patio. 

Carol suggests burning the grass as it will get rid of the seeds and kill them temporary and involves no weed killer. 

They protect the neighbours trellis with some corrugated sheets and set to work with the weed blow torch.

First they don protective equipment and Carol seems to be enjoying it a bit too much.

Using the weed blowtorch

Adam decides to just lift random slabs
and prepares the soil under the slabs for planting. 

They start with Chamomile and at the back of the slabs they plant Tansy Tanacetum Vulgare.

Adam says he has been interested in Herbs since he was a teenager and read a book about a white witch and Herbs. 

He started growing a Herb patch after that. Myrtle, Mint, Lavender and thyme are all planted and by the end of the day the patio is looking so much better.

Herb plants in the patio

Carol leaves him with the task of completing the rest of the patio area.

Ann-Marie Powell is in the Cotswolds to see Dilys and her town garden

Dilys Wilson pretty Cotswold back garden is full of beautiful dry stone walling and Dilys has made huge changes since we first visited her garden

Dry stone wall in Dilys garden

In Real Gardens Episode 17 they started work of the Potager by planting up the central bed and laying the gravel surround.

Ann-Marie Powell arrives to see even more changes have been made to the garden.

Dilys has been busy again and the pond is now planted up and surrounded by gravel.

Dilys and Ann-Marie

The pond is rammed with plants that she will thin out.

The plants came from her parents pond including Bogbean Menyanthes Trifoliata, which will take over if left alone. 

She has added oxygenators but has also now got Duckweed that Ann-Marie says is not too bad to have.

Dilys pond

Todays job is to disguise some old kitchen butler sinks with hypertufa to make them look like stone troughs. 

This was pioneered by the late Geoff Hamilton.

Dirty butler sink

Dilys gives the sink a good wash and when dry, paints with PVA glue.

Ann-Marie prepares the mixture using 1 part sharp sand, 1 part cement, 1-2 parts of peat / coir then water is added to make a spreadable paste.

When the PVA glue feels tacky you pat on the mixture to the sides and rim.

Once dried it looks like stone. Yoghurt can be added to age it and attract Lichen.

The sink is covered in the mixture

Out the front of the cottage some strange looking parcels have arrived? 

It is Espalier fruit trees for Dilys to grow against her walls. 

She has a Cherry, Conference Pear and Victoria Plum trees, James Green and Sunset Apples. 

They are going to give her flowers, fruit as well as privacy.

They dig a hole 12 inches from the wall, add compost and fish blood and bone to the hole. 

Once it is straight they back fill the hole and then they then water it in.

Monty on Blackspot 

Monty on blackspot

In really bad cases of Blackspot the whole plant can lose all of its foliage. 

You need to cut off all the diseased leaves and rake around the bottom of the plant to get them all. 

Cut off any crossing branches that will cause damage so the fungus can get in.
Spray with water once a week to wash off the fungus.

Leaves with blackspot

All photographs are copyright of Channel 4

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