Real Gardens

Real Gardens

Real Gardens was a gardening TV show that was on our  television screens on Channel 4 from 1998 - 2000 and ran for 3 series. 

It was to be a different sort of garden makeover show than the popular Ground Force that had appeared on our screens the previous year.

In Real Gardens the presenters Monty Don, Carol Klein and Ann-Marie Powell  visit amateur gardeners and help them to complete projects in their own garden. 

Monty DonCarol Klein

Ann-Marie Powell

Leaving the amateur gardeners to complete the work the presenters then return to start another project.

There is no huge budget and team to makeover the garden, this does make the programme more relatable to the viewers own gardens and working with a budget.

The amateur gardens all have differing garden problems, from a small yard to 3 acres, a sloped garden, a jungle and a garden that needs taming. 

Each week Monty gives a tip for something you can be doing in your garden depending on the season.

Real Gardens series 3

In Real Gardens series 3, Monty Don helped with the garden of Bryony Jacklin and her family. 

Her Husband Martin was left severely disabled following an attack at their last home.

From 1998 - 2000 Channel 4 also had the coverage of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show and the other RHS shows allowing them to be featured in Channel 4 shows.  

RHS shows were included in Real Gardens with the amateur gardeners attending to shop, get inspiration  and look at the show gardens.

Channel 4 sadly lost the coverage to the BBC and in 2001 they axed Real Gardens and other gardening programmes.

Real Gardens Presenters

Real Gardens Episodes

Series 3 
I am not sure if this is Series 2 and series 3 from Episode 14? Pete Free 🌻

Episode 1: Stockport, Norfolk & Felixstowe 

Episode 2: Harrow, Norfolk & Devon

Episode 3Stockport, Norfolk & Felixstowe

Episode 4: Harrow, Norfolk & Devon

Episode 5: Stockport, Norfolk & Felixstowe

Episode 6: Harrow, Norfolk & Devon

Episode 7: Guernsey, Felixstowe & Stockport

Episode 8: Devon, Stockport, Guernsey & RHS Chelsea Flower Show

Episode 9: Harrow, Guernsey & Felixstowe

Episode 10: Guernsey, Islington & Devon

Episode 11: Huddersfield, Islington & Chulmleigh 

Episode 12: Devon, Guernsey & Stockport

Episode 13: Huddersfield, Islington, Chulmleigh & RHS Hampton Court Flower Show

Episode 14: Liverpool, Burton-on-Trent, Portsmouth (from previous series)

Episode 15: Cotswolds, Huddersfield & Chumleigh

Episode 16: Guernsey, Cotswolds & Chumleigh

Episode 17: Huddersfield, Cotswolds & Chumleigh

Episode 18: Guernsey, Wiltshire & Cotswolds

Episode 19: Leicestershire, Wiltshire & Cotswolds

Episode 20: Leicestershire, Wiltshire & Cotswolds

Series 2
Series 1

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