Real Gardens: Episode 2

Real Gardens: Episode 2

Ann-Marie Powell - Harrow London, Lisa Dominic Sophia & Grace, Children's Garden

Lisa Jacobson bought her terraced house in Harrow, from her mother 2 years ago. She lives there with her husband Dominic and daughters Sophia and baby Grace. 

Sophia loves being out in the garden and helping her mum to weed. Lisa after being pregnant last summer has yet to start work on the small, narrow back garden.

Lisa Jacobson

Lisa is embarrassed by her plant massacre and Dominic has no interest in gardening and she was rather he didn't help after his past attempts.

Ann-Marie Powell arrives to help Lisa turn this boring west facing back garden into a child friendly paradise. 

The concrete area by the back door she was thinking of decking but has changed her mind and needs inspiration.

Lisa Jacobson

A visit to Barcelona last year and seeing the work of the Gaudi, has made Lisa want to bring this into her own back garden to create a Mediterranean style garden. 

Security at the back garden is not good and the bodged gate Dominic added has to go. This is quickly kicked down. A new gate is soon up.

Lisa and Ann-Marie

Lisa had erected 2 screens to hide the junk at the end of the garden and these are next to go. 

A clematis growing on the screen needs to be moved and they find a spot that will keep its roots shaded. 

They add some of her mothers compost and some bone meal and trim the Clematis to just above a bud. Digging up the whole root ball and replanting it, then it is watered in. 

Lisa and Ann-Marie

The screens are quickly demolished to reveal Lisa's plant graveyard! 


Next time they will make something for the garden not just demolish things.

Monty Don - Norfolk, Bryony Martin & 4 children, Front Garden 

We return to Bryony's garden from Episode 1. Bryony is in her garden every day taming the 3 acres of rough pasture into a garden. 

Bryony, Martin and the 4 children moved there after Martin was attacked at their last home and left severally disabled with a broken spine.


Bryony has put in a lot of hard work, with her father and son Christopher. 

By the time Monty Don returns, Bryony is ready to lay the turf.  With a mulberry tree and 2 new borders flanking the new lawn, Martin will have a much better view from his bedroom window. 

Bryony has planted Salvia, red hot pokers with perennials to take over later on.

Monty explains when laying turf, the basic rule is to always go over the joints as they will shrink, rather than just butting turf together. 

The turf has started to dry out so they lay them as quickly as possible using a plank so they don't walk on it. 

The lawn needs leaving for several weeks before walking on it. Using a kitchen knife Bryony cuts the circle around the mulberry tree. The turf is then given a good water.

Bryony  and Monty

Monty only has time for 1 more quick job before he goes. In Bryony second hand greenhouses some plants need moving on to new homes. 

Bergenias and Osteospermum for the ramp outside Martin bedroom have been pot bound for a year. 

Monty calls Bryony an inspiration for how she has raised all these plants from nothing, Bryony adds obsessive!


Planting them alongside the ramp proves troublesome due to the ramps footings. With soil taken from a flower bed they put them in in clumps amongst the gravel.

Carol Klein - Devon, Adrian & Debbie, Sloped garden

Adrian and Debbie Taylor  are both Police Officers and bought their Devon bungalow on the edge of Dartmoor just after they got married 3 years ago.

Adrian and Debbie Taylor

The garden has amazing views and slopes down to a mill stream along the boundary. To make the most of the Dartmoor views they have built a raised deck all the way along the bungalow.


They have made a start on the garden but disagree on Adrian's favourite plant Buddleia! Adrian suggests 'his n hers' gardens but Debbie not having it …. or the Buddleia.


Both of them have busy jobs as Police Officers and with baby Emily to look after there is not much time for the garden. 

They have over the last year made some huge changes to the garden landscape wise but have made some bad choices when it comes to the planting.

Carol Klein a plant expert arrives to see the garden. 'Wow wee' at the view, and then to look at the garden which is long and very steep and repetitive, with a lot of Buddleias. 

They have bought 'job lots' of 10 plants at Auction and they are not happy with it. 


Gardener's Garters Phalaris Arundinacea is popping up everywhere and needs controlling. 

In the fast flowing stream Carol spots Skunk Cabbage Lysichiton Americanus with its striking yellow flowers. 

Carol gets out the water colours for a planting plan for the main bed whilst Adrian and Debbie tackle the Gardener's Garter. 

Carol design has huge waves of the same colours in the banana shaped bed. Most of the plants just need relocating but without the dreaded Buddleia. 

Some small retaining walls will be added matching the bigger wooden walls already in place in the garden.


They start with a small section and move the plants to a holding bed and Carol shows them how to follow the planting plan. 

Carol and Debbie seem to have great delight in digging out the Buddleias. The forget me not are all dug up and will all be planted together. 

They start the planting up with pink Geranium Macrorrhizum and silver Stachys Byzantina, and after a mulch and a water about a 20th of the garden has been done and Carol leaves them to carry on.

Monty Don on moving Hosta

moving Hosta

Hostas are very easy to divide when you are moving them, you can just divide them with a spade as long as there is a crown with a piece of root attached.

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