Real Gardens Episode 6

Real Gardens  Episode 6

In this weeks Real Gardens episode 6 Ann-Marie Powell  is in Harrow London, to visit Lisa Dominic Sophia & Grace.

Lisa Jacobson from Episode 2 and Episode 4 has been busy in her Harrow small back garden making a safe child friendly garden for her 2 young children.

In the last Episode Ann-Marie Powell helped Lisa move and customise a unique style shed playhouse! 

Lisa Jacobson

The next project is the flower bed which Lisa has made wider and wants to fill it with cottage garden plants. 

Ann-Marie points out the amount of work to maintain a cottage style garden, staking, deadheading, watering and feeding.

Ann-Marie Powell Lisa Jacobson

The flower bed is usually basked in the sunshine and Ann-Marie suggests silver leafed, low maintenance sun loving plants. 

Ann-Marie makes a holding bed for the plants they want to keep from the existing bed.

The pair head off to the Royal Horticultural Society Spring Show in Westminster Halls. Ann-Marie spots some Artemisia 'Valerie Finnis' and Coral Flower Heuchera 'Plum Puddin'  and Coral Flower Heuchera 'Raspberry Regal'. Lungwort Pulmonaria 'Bertram Anderson' which would be great at the back of the border. 

Royal Horticultural Society Spring Show in Westminster Halls

Now on the look out for bold structural plants they spot Cardoon Cynara Cardunculus which will grow massive. 

Also on the shopping list is some Eryngiums which as its a perennial will keep coming up.


Lisa has had her eye on some grasses she loves the Corkscrew Rush Juncus Decipiens 'Curly Wurly' but is not suitable for her bed, nor is the slow growing Japanese Blood Grass Imperata Cylindrica 'Rubra'.

They decide on Blue Oat Grass Helictotrichon Sempervirens.

With their bags full of plants they head back to prepare the bed. They dig in pea gravel and compost as a soil improver. 

Then they start to lay out the plants starting with the big impact plants. They put the plants together in clumps of 3.

flower bed

Adding a handful of bone meal and a good water, Lisa starts planting whilst Ann-Marie heads off until next time. 

Monty Don is in Norfolk, to visit Bryony Martin & their 4 children.

In the last programme Episode 5 Bryony was clearing out the pond and planting some new plants in her 3 acre garden.

Bryony Martin garden

Monty Don is making his last visit to the garden that has seen them transform the front garden to improve the view for Husband Martin from his bedroom. Episode 1 and Episode 2 

Bryony Martin

In Episode 3 they planted Alexanders in the driveway borders and in Episode 4 they started work on the Roundel.

Bryony Martin garden

Bryony encourages her children to help her in the garden, giving them small achievable jobs to do, which they enjoy. 

Her eldest daughter Freya started her herb garden when she was just 9 years old and has used it for a school assignment. Freya is digging out her Tarragon as it has got too big. 

They not only use the herbs for cooking but also for medicinal purposes like gargling with sage infused water for a sore throat.

Monty Don and Freya

Freya's Lemon Balm Melissa Officinalis needs digging up to as it is swamping her Lady's Mantle Alchemilla Mollis which they use to cure tummy upsets. 

She replaces it with some Bergamot Monarda Didyma which Bryony has grown from cuttings taken in the autumn. 

Next to plant is Great Mullein Verbascum Thapsus in the middle of the bed.

The next job is to return to the Roundel area and to the 4 beds at the opposite end which Bryony has taken off the topsoil to reduce the fertility for wildflowers.

Roundel area

Bryony has been busy growing on plants to transplant, which Monty calls a collection of weeds. These include Buttercups and Herb-Robert Geranium Robertianum . 

She also has a seed mix which includes Feverfew, Meadow Buttercup and Meadow Cranesbill. She mixes the seeds with some sand so she can see where they have sown it.

Monty will return later in the series to see all their hard work and what else Bryony has done in her Norfolk garden.

Carol Klein is in  Devon, to visit Adrian & Debbie, in their Sloped garden.

In the last programme Episode 4  the busy Police Officers Adrian & Debbie were clearing and planting in the stream and banks in their Devon Garden.

Carol Klein Adrian and Debbie

In this episode Carol Klein returns to see the plastic ducks Adrian has added due to the lack of real ducks. The bank is looking lovely.

Todays job is the orchard / small woodland which at the moment just has trees in each corner. It currently consists of a small cherry and Pear trees but 2 huge Acers too! Another one of Adrian's bargains which have to go!

Carol takes the couple to RHS Rosemoor, a 35 acre garden in Devon. They have a wonderful collection of fruit trees which they have underplanted with Snake's Head Fritillary Fritillaria Meleagris. 

Carol shows them the best place to grow a pear is against the wall so their garden is best suited for apples. 

They will need at least 3 different apple trees for them to pollinate and medium root stock so they are not too big.

fruit tree

Carol and Debbie dig up the existing trees, Adrian has bought Discovery, Katie and Sunset apple trees. 

They start by removing the turf and need an area at least 3 foot wide which needs to be kept clear of weeds. 

Adding planting mixture  and Bone Meal to the hole they plant and side stake the apple trees. 

They then mulch the surface with manure. 

Debbie and baby

Adrian surprises Debbie with a Snakes Head Fritillary to plant under her new trees as Carol leaves them to it.

Monty Don on Grass Cuttings 
Instead of ditching your grass cuttings, add straw or cardboard to compost it, making layers.
In about a year it will be ready to use in the garden.

Monty Don

All photographs are copyright of Channel 4 

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