Life in a Cottage Garden with Carol Klein

 Life in a Cottage Garden with Carol Klein

Carol Klein in this Series, Life in a Cottage Garden, welcomes us into her amazing garden at her home Glebe Cottage, Chittlehamholt near Umberleigh Devon.

The programme ran for 2 series on BBC with a total of 10 episodes with the second series being a reversion each covering a season in the garden.

Series 1 was a 6 part series first shown on 07 January 2011.

Series 2 was a 4 part series first shown on 11 January 2013 and was a reversion of the original series.

The series showed an insight into life within the family garden at the cottage where they have lived for over 30 years and features her husband Neil and daughters Annie and Alice.

Her daughters both have their own part of the garden, Annie is her eldest daughter she is 29 years old and in South America and Alice is 28 years old and lives in Brighton. (as of when the series was first shown)

Husband Neil helps her around the garden, holding ladders, with heavy lifting and the most important part making the cuppas.

Carol Klein

Carol shows us her garden throughout each season, what we should be doing in the garden for general maintenance, soil preparation, planting and sowing seeds.

With the series covering a whole year in the garden we get to see the successes as well as the failures and gives us the inspiration to get out in the garden whatever the season and you too will soon have a garden to be proud of all year round.


Series 1
Original Series
January 2011

Series 2
Reversion of Series 1
January 2013

Episode 1: Summer

Episode 2: Autumn

Episode 3: Winter

Episode 4: Spring


Life in a Cottage Garden
Carol Klein Jonathon Buckley 

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