Glorious Gardens From Above

Glorious Gardens From Above

Glorious Gardens From Above was first aired on BBC on 10 November 2014.

The programme ran for 15 Episodes and starred Horticulturist Christine Walkden.

Christine Walkden

Travelling in a hot air balloon Christine visited some of Britain's best Gardens and the surrounding countryside.

From the Scottish Borders to Cornwall and from Wales to Norfolk.

Glorious Gardens from Above

Christine explores the gardens from a whole new perspective flying over them in the balloon as well as on the ground and exploring the story of the gardens.

The show also featured the people and their relationship with the garden and Christine vast horticultural knowledge.


Christine Walkden

TV Programme

Episode 1 Cornwall

Episode 2 Essex

Episode 3 Mid Wales

Episode 4 Yorkshire

Episode 5 Sussex

Episode 6 Oxfordshire

Episode 7 Northumberland

Episode 8 North Wales

Episode 9 Scottish Borders

Episode 10 Gloucestershire

Episode 11 Cumbria

Episode 12 Staffordshire

Episode 13 Norfolk

Episode 14 Hampshire

Episode 15 Aberdeenshire

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