Advolly Richmond

 Advolly Richmond

Advolly Richmond is a Garden Historian, writer and Garden Television Presenter.

Advolly has a MA in in Garden History from Bristol University and has a RHS level 3 in Practical Horticulture. 

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Advolly garden first appeared on Gardeners' World in June 2019 and she presented a feature on the programme the same year.

In 2021 she featured in Gardeners world 2021 with two features on the history of the Lawn.

Advolly also appears on Radio 4 Gardeners questions as well as her own Podcast.

She has a Snowdrop Galanthus Elwisii 'Advolly Richmond' named after her.

Advolly lives with her husband in Shrewsbury, Shropshire.

TV Programme

Gardeners' World

Gardeners' World 2021

Episode 8 07 May 2021

Gardeners' World 2022

Episode 19 29/07/2022

Advolly Richmond Website, Instagram, Twitter

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