Gardeners' World 2023

Gardeners' World 2023

Monty Don is back for the first programme of Gardeners' World for the 2023 growing season starting on Friday 17 March 2023 and repeated on BBC2 in the early morning Sunday slot.

The start of this series is a week later than Gardeners' World 2022 due to delays in filming because of the weather.

This year they have kept with the same format of Monty in his garden, presenters visiting other gardens and collections, viewers videos, Jobs for the weekend and Monty's dogs taking centre stage.


Ned, Monty's new dog who made his debut in September 2022 as a pup has grown into a mischievous teenager.

The dogs, Nellie, Patti and Ned are as popular with the gardening audience as Monty and often distract from the gardening with their antics.

Nell sadly died on 20 October 2023 after being diagnosed with Cancer in the June. She is buried next to her friend Nigel, wrapped in one of Monty coats, with her favourite biscuits and toys.

Nell will be sadly missed.

Monty has stated on his Social Media that as well as filming for Gardeners' World he is also filming 2 new series on Spanish and British Gardens.

He also has a book coming out as well as his usual appearances at various shows during the year.

Adam and Ash

Will this mean we will be seeing more guest presenters with Adam Frost and his increasingly popular Cat Ash becoming a very popular stand-in for Monty.

We have had 4 new presenters this year Tayshan Hayden-SmithJamie Butterworth, Tom Brown and Errol Reuben Fernandes.

The return of Gardeners' World is a welcome sign for us Gardeners that Spring is just around the corner and now is the time to Spring into action and start the growing season off with some early sowing and preparations.

Will 2023 bring some more changes and new projects at Longmeadow, last season Monty added the building to the mound and made changes to the wildlife pond.

The garden

The last few years we have welcomed some great new additions to the presenting team bringing some different aspect of Gardening.

Are we to see any new presenters to the Team this year? 

Gardeners' World is like slipping into those comfy gardening boots and getting out into the garden knowing what every plant is and what goes where in the garden.

We know what to expect and when Monty is going to get his Dahlia Tubers out from the potting shed.

Is it time for a redesign, a change of format, have we seen all there is to be done at Long Meadow?

Monty and dogs

As much as we all love Monty and his Dogs, I have found myself enjoying more the visits to other gardens and to seeing some of the other Presenters more.

Has Monty and his Dogs had his day or is there some new tricks in the old dog yet? 

2023 Presenters

TV Programme

Episode 1 17 March 2023


Episode 2 24 March 2023


Episode 3  31 March 2023


Episode 4 07 April 2023


Episode 9 12 May 2023

RHS Malvern Spring Festival


Episode 10  19 May 2023


RHS Chelsea Flower Show
26 May 2023


Episode 11  02 June 2023


Episode 12 09 June 2023


Episode 13 16 June 2023
Gardeners' World Live


Episode 14  22 June 2023


Episode 15  30 June 2023


Episode 16   07 July 2023
RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival


Break for Wimbledon

Episode 17  21 July 2023
RHS Flower Show Tatton Park


Episode 18  28 July 2023


Episode 19  04 August 2023


Episode 20  10 August 2023


Episode 21  18 August 2023

Episode 22  25 August 2023

Episode 23  31 August 2023

Episode 24  08 September 2023

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  1. Glad to hear that it's starting up again unfortunately Adam frost doesn't do it for me!

  2. Gardeners world is my weekly fix for information gardening wise,I have watched it religiously since I moved into my small cottage home in se London, 30 years ago! I have learnt so much and now I am quite accomplished and garden for my own pleasure and the wildlife, but there is always room to learn more. My garden is my refuge, constantly changing and continuous exercise, for my body and soul. I love the different presenters, their ideas and approaches,they have changed over the years and that is what I think keeps Gardeners World interesting and fresh!