Ash the Cat, owner of Adam Frost

Ash the Cat, owner of Adam Frost

Ash the Cat from Gardeners' World belongs to Adam Frost TV Gardener or, is it the other way round.

Ash regularly makes appearances when Adam when Gardeners' World is from his garden and usually manages to steal the limelight.

As soon as Adam tries to present, Ash appears looking for mischief, or just to see why the camera crew are in his garden.

We do not have a precise age for Ash but Adam describes him as Ancient. 

When Adam is on Gardeners' World everyone on social media wants to know 'the name of Adam Frost's cat' or 'will Ash the cat be on with Adam'?  

This is usually more important that what Adam is doing in the programme!

Adam Ash and the Window box

One of Ash's most memorable appearances made the papers when Adam was trying to build a window box but Ash had other ideas and got totally in Adam way by refusing to move off the wood.

Needless to say he got moved!

Other memorable moments include Ash on the potting table when Adam was trying to show you how to sow seeds and Ash on the lap whilst planting leeks!

Adam and Ash Planting

When Ash is not out to cause mischief there are plenty of opportunities for Ash doing what cats do best, sleeping in the sun, and still managing to get on camera.

Ash the cat sleeping

Less featured on Gardeners' World are Adam Frost other pets, his 2 dogs Isla the Cocker Spaniel and a black Labrador called Mo.

On a recent episode Mo showed they can be just as troublesome as any cat can be, when they want to play or get attention from their owner!

Adam and Mo the dog playing

Past famous Cats on Gardeners' World include Alan Titchmarsh who cat was called Spud and even earlier Geoff Hamilton cat called Dennis

Are the Cats and Dogs who belong to the presenters taking over Gardeners' World, taking away from the actual gardening or are they a welcome addition?

Ash the Cat

The only sort of pets us Gardeners really do not like is when its raining Cats and Dogs! (plus the Cats that poop in your freshly dug bed)

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