Monty Don's Japanese Gardens

Monty Don's Japanese Gardens

Monty Don's Japanese Gardens is a BBC gardening show where Monty Don travels to Japan, in the first episode travelling in Spring and in the second episode travelling in Autumn.

In Monty Don's Japanese Gardens episode 1, we see the cherry blossom and the Hanami festivals where they celebrate the brief and dramatic appearance of the blossom.

Monty Don's Japanese Gardens Episode 1

Monty visits Kenroku-en Gardens for the blossom, Pine trees and to learn about the 'Ma'.

Next stop is Kyoto to a pond, spring, and boat garden.

The arrival of Buddhism in Japan saw a new style of garden, a Zen garden. The use of moss bring a vibrant green to the gardens.

Karesansui meaning dry mountain water was a new element to Japanese gardens to bring a new element.

Monty Don in Japan

Tea ceremonies, tea houses, tea gardens and stone lanterns are all explored by Monty.

This amazing first episode, gives not only insights into Japanese culture, but also has you questioning your own gardening processes. 
Could I be more zen in the garden? 

In Monty Don's Japanese Gardens episode 2,  Monty visits Japan during the Autumn.

Starting at Kenroku-en Garden again this time to see the Autumn hues of the Maples. 

Monty learns about the celebrations of Autumn and why they attach strings to the trees?

Monty Don's Japanese Gardens Episode 2

Monty heads to Nijo Castle with its ponds and islands.

A stroll in the stroll gardens in Tokyo are next for Monty. Poetry, 88 view points and straw mats.

Next stop an English rose garden.

Then a quick pit stop. Before more strolling, but keep off the grass! 

Then a sit down stroll. Saki filled stream anyone?

We see bonsai, moss balls, roof gardens and modern Japanese gardens.

We end this programme in one of the most beautiful Japanese gardens visited by Monty Don.

Japanese Garden Monty Don.

This beautifully shot series gives us an amazing insight in the history and evolution of the Japanese Gardens featuring Monty Don.

I have included links to the many gardens visited as one day i hope to walk (or stroll) in Monty's footsteps on my own journey to discover the gardens of Japan. Pete Free🌻

Monty Don's Japanese Gardens

Episode 1 Spring
Episode 2 Autumn

Monty Don Japanese Gardens Book

Japanese Gardens: A Journey
Monty Don & Derry Moore

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