Gardeners' World Winter Specials 2021/22

Gardeners' World Winter Specials 2021/22

Gardeners' World 2021 returns with Monty Don, Nell and Patti welcoming us to the first of the Winter Specials 2021/22.

This 3 part series first aired on Friday 10 December 2021 on BBC2.

Each episode will celebrate the seasons and sees Monty introducing the programme from his own garden at Long Meadow and sharing snippets of the garden as well as jobs to do around it.

The second programme will be hosted by Adam Frost from his garden in Lincolnshire.

We also see other Gardeners' World Presenters visiting people and gardens across the seasons.

In a Somerset Garden we will follow it throughout the seasons and see the changes to the garden in all its delights.

The programme also visits experts to learn more about their chosen plant and what it could bring to our own garden.

Rebecca, Kirsty and Mandy

Lastly the Viewers videos return with some welcome favourites like the 3 sisters Rebecca, Kirsty and Mandy from Dorset returning to show us their highlights of their growing year.

It is great to have Monty and the dogs back on our screens to see us through the bleak Winter months of gardening withdrawal and set us off planning for the growing seasons ahead, all from the comfort of a cosy armchair.

Monty Don, Nell and Patti

Episode 1

Kate Bradbury

Special Guests
Claire Austin - Peonies
Libby Russell from Batcombe Somerset
Joe Swift & Martha Krempel in North London

Viewers Gardens
David Quinton from Derby
Rebecca, Kirsty and Mandy from Dorset
Damien from Bradford

Episode 2


Special Guests
Arit Anderson with David & Elizabeth Smith at Scape Lodge

Viewers Garden
Martin, Robert, Summer & Willow the dogs from Kent
Ross from Bristol 

Episode 3


Special Guests
Clare Sharp and Debbie O'Brien from O'Brien's Nursery

Viewers Gardens
James from Campello in Spain
Carl and Niari from Manchester

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