Filthy Garden SOS

Filthy Garden SOS

Filthy Garden SOS is a new and unique garden makeover programme that was first shown on 5Star on 11 November 2021.

The programme is scheduled to be repeated on Channel 5 in the Spring of 2022.

This 6 part series features gardens that are shockingly overgrown, out of control or just dumpsites and the owners have no idea what to do with them.

The difference with this show is  the homeowners do not go away and come back for the big reveal but have to do the hard work themselves before revealing to their family the new garden.

The homeowners will not only help create their own garden learning along the way, as well as how to look after the garden in the future, so it will never again become a Filthy Garden!

Filthy Garden SOS

Coming to their rescue is experienced and award winning Garden Designer Diarmuid Gavin   who has has featured in a string of Garden Makeover programmes but is best known for Homefront and Homefront in the Garden.

His most recent series was in 2020 and was the highly popular Gardening Together with Diarmuid Gavin which featured his own stunning garden in Bray Co Wicklow, as well as a weekly garden makeover done by the householder following Diarmuid design.

His Fellow Garden Designer is Garden Designer and Community Garden Champion Danny Clarke whose own highly popular transformation series The Instant Gardener ran for 2 series in 2015.

In 2021 Danny joined the Team of the long running Garden Makeover programme Love Your Garden.

The final member of the team is Penny Lamb who is a Garden Designer and Bespoke Furniture Maker who is not afraid of bringing out the large power tools! 


Project Manager
Paul Brady
Thea Pitcher

Steve Griffiths
Andrew Lamb
Malcolm Moore
Patrick Riley
Henry Davies
Dan Goutorbe
Bernard Horricks
Lee Jones
Anthony Berry
Rick Ford
Morgan Grainger
David Johnson
Dino Salles
Joe Barwick

tv programme

Episode 1  - Amber & Shona from Bangor, Wales

Episode 2  - Keith & Darren from Stockport

Episode 3   - Michael & Becky from Seaham

Episode 4 Olwyn & Ryan from White City, West London

Episode 5  Andy, Kirsten, Theo & Arthur from Horsforth, Yorkshire

All Photographs are copyright of Channel 5


  1. Good Morning
    The producers are Flying Saucers TV you could try emailing which was the email address for applications for the first series.
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  2. Hey guys can u please DIY sos my garden... I have a real story... And I need people like you right now.. Help.....

  3. Hi how much do you charge to do a garden please

  4. I would love to have my garden sorted it's like a jungle and I can't do anything to it 😫

  5. Are you going to do another series.
    I hope so it's so brilliant