Beechgrove 2022

Beechgrove 2022

BBC Scotland Flagship gardening programme Beechgrove returned to our screens for the 2022 gardening season on 07 April 2022 in Scotland and 08 April 2022 on BBC2, it will run until the end of September.

Returning for its 44th year the programme is becoming increasing popular in the rest of Great Britain and is to be repeated twice a week on BBC2 on a Friday night before its main rival  Gardeners' World  as well as its usual Sunday Morning slot.

The 2022 line up of presenters include the longest serving presenter Carole Baxter as well as George AndersonBrian CunninghamKirsty Wilson and last years new comer Calum Clunie

Not returning this year as Presenters are Mairi Rattray who is taking a more behind the scenes part in her role as Head Gardener at Beechgrove. 

Sophie McKilligan who last year started a new role as a Gardener at Culzean Castle said her goodbyes at the end of the last series.

George Anderson made an appearance in the first programme of the year at the Beechgrove Garden but  his year he will again be doing his slot from his home in sunny Joppa, Edinburgh and alternate weeks from his Allotment.

Brian Cunningham will be in the Beechgrove Garden as well as Old Scone where he works at Scone Palace.

Kirsty Wilson will again be sharing her Inverleith allotment with viewers.

Calum Clunie has his Allotment in Leven, Fife where he grows to show and this year he is taking on George Anderson in the battle of the Daffodils at a top Show, not only that but he been given his own corner of the Beechgrove Garden to start from scratch.

New Remote Mini Presenters
For 2022 there is not going to be 1 new presenter but 6, all presenting from their own gardens / houses and join the programme in week 3.

Diane Yates

A familiar face from The Beechgrowers 2021 is now joining the presenter team is Diana Yates who lives in West Linton in the Scottish Borders where she shared her vegetable garden and Potager with us.

This year she is in the Kitchen garden and she is looking for high impact with low maintenance as well as looking for Organic solutions for pests.

The rest of the new presenting team are: 


Deborah Peterson from Aberdeen in her back garden where she tries to grow something more exotic with Avocados and Grapes as well as Pumpkins.


Sarah from Edinburgh is indoors with her houseplants where she has a huge Monstera and a Prickly Pear.

Erin and Dad Joe

Erin and Dad Joe Armstrong from East Lothian and Erin reckons she is going to show her dad a few new things to grow like Larkspur but Dad Joe will stick to his traditional vegetables.


Lizzie Schofield from Buckie will be adding some fun in the garden by doing some creative projects for viewers to try in their own gardens. She will also be creating a sustainable family garden.

The Beechgrowers 2022

Last year the introduction of The Beechgrowers 2021 was not popular with some viewers.

This year they return in week 2 with The Beechgrowers 2022 to share their gardens with us and they cover from Orkney to Dumfries and will be dealing with climates as well as conditions.

The Beechgrowers hardly appeared in this series and I wonder if they were dropped after Episode 18?

The programme ends with the Presenters usual handy hints but will this year include anymore changes to the much loved format and will the increased number of Presenters be a hit with the viewers as they move even more away from the historic Beechgrove Garden site.


Beechgrove Presenters

Remote Mini Presenters
Deborah Peterson
Sarah Powell
Erin & Joe Armstrong
Lizzie Schofield 

Graham Anderson
Sanne de Koeijer
Ryan Adam
Eric Armour & Karolina Juszczyk
Revathi, Sadu & Family

TV programme

Episode 1 07/04/2022

Sarah Powell

Episode 4  28/04/2022

Lizzie Schofield

Episode 5  05/05/2022

Deborah Peterson

Episode 6  12/05/2022


Episode 8  26/05/2022

Erin and Joe Armstrong

Episode 9 02/06/2022

James Silvey
Toni and Nigel Mitchell

Episode 11  16/06/2022

Episode 12 23/06/2022

Deborah Peterson

Episode 13 30/06/2022

Sarah Powell

Beverly Darville

Episode 14 07/07/2022

Episode 15 14/07/2022


Episode 16  21/072022

Lizzie Schofield at Beechgrove

Episode 17 28/07/2022

Deborah Peterson

Episode 19 10/08/2022


Episode 20  18/08/2022

Camilla Fredriksen

Erin & Joe Armstrong

Episode 23  09/09/2022

Episode 24 15/09/2022


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