The Beechgrowers 2022

The Beechgrowers 2022

The Beechgrowers 2022 returned in week 2 14/04/2022 of
Beechgrove 2022 which was shown on BBC2 Scotland and then repeated on BC2 and on the iPlayer.

Last year the introduction of The Beechgrowers 2021 was not popular with some viewers but this filled the gap left by the presenters being unable to travel due to the Covid-19 restrictions.

Broadcasting from their own gardens and recorded by themselves the Beechgrowers shared tip and advice and we followed them through the growing season.

Scotland as with the rest of the United Kingdom has a diverse array of climates and growing conditions and by having The Beechgrowers from all over Scotland shows how you can adapt and cope and still have a productive and successful garden wherever you live.

This years Beechgrowers come from as far apart as Dumfries to Orkney.

Graham Anderson

Graham  is a retired mechanical engineer from Dumfries and he will be sharing with us his Chilli growing in his Polytunnel as well as planting a wildflower area.

Graham started growing his own food during lockdown due to Covi-19 restrictions and like other new growers is now hooked on growing his own.

Sanne de Koeijer

Sanne is from Orkney which is know for it being very windy and she is going to plant a wind hedge to help protect her plants at her 10 x 5 plot at a community garden.

Sanne is a student, studying  Culture and Heritage with Gaelic studies and she grew up in the Netherlands,


Nikki is from Bellshill, North Lanarkshire and the therapeutic nature of gardening has helped her and her family and will be experimenting with different seed growing methods for her Pumpkins.

Nikki's Twitter

Ryan Adam

Ryan is from Cove on the Scottish Border and has a new build garden he will be tackling and how best to help his new plants with things like Mulching.

Ryan appeared on Beechgrove 2021 in Episode 17 on 22 July 2021 where he showed us his Hostas in his new garden.

Eric Armour & Karolina Juszczyk
Eric & Karolina

Eric & Karolina come from Alloa, Clackmannanshire and last year Beechgrove helped them with their Community Garden in Wimpy Park.

This year they want to share with us the ongoing work in the garden from maintenance to sowing seeds.

Revathi, Sadu & Family
Revathi, Sadu & Family

Revathi and Sadu live in East Lothian with their 2 boys and the whole family are going to be growing potatoes and other vegetables.

'Together we are The Beechgrowers'

The Beechgrowers
Graham Anderson
Sanne de Koeijer
Ryan Adam
Eric Armour & Karolina Juszczyk
Revathi, Sadu & Family

TV Programme

Beechgrove 2022

Episode 2 14/04/2022

Episode 6 12/05/2022

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