Beechgrove Garden 2024

Beechgrove Garden

Beechgrove  returns for the first episode of Beechgrove Gardens 2024 on Thursday 4 April 2024 for BBC Scotland and on BBC2 on Friday 5 April 2024. 

Beechgrove is also available on the BBC iplayer as well as being repeated on the Sunday morning Gardening slot on BBC2.

The series will run for 26 episodes taking us into Autumn 2024.

Carol and George

The 2024 line up of presenters returning include the longest serving presenter Carole Baxter  as well as George AndersonBrian CunninghamKirsty Wilson and Calum Clunie

The Beechgrove Garden near Aberdeen is recovering from a very wet Winter and the programme will take us through the Spring early planting and garden preparation up to the sunnier months and harvesting.

What the team do well are the trials where we see the produce or plant right from planting up to the outcome of the trial and in the case of Tatties and other produce the very important taste test!

Tattie Challenge

The programme is not only just from the purpose built Beechgrove garden with its multiple greenhouses, planting beds and themed gardens we also get to visit the presenters own plots.

George's garden where he can lop off branches and over prune to his hearts content but also his allotment at Sunny Joppa.

We also visit Brian at Scone and his family garden, Calum at his 'growing for showing' allotment at Leven and Kirstie at her allotment.

Back to Basics

'Back to Basics' is invaluable for the new gardener as well as handy advice for the more experienced amongst the viewers. Beechgrove really is a programme for everyone.

They will again be visiting viewers in their  own gardens big or small all across Scotland and we get an insight on what people are doing with their own spaces in the varying climates and growing conditions.

'Handy hints' will be back as the team share their knowledge and advice.

What we do not know until the programme progresses if any of the other presenters from last year  or if 'The Beechgrowers' returning?  

Will we getting updates from Remote Mini Presenters Erin and Joe Armstrong from their garden in East Lothian and Deborah Peterson from Aberdeen.

Efi Papagianni

Allotmenteer Efi Papagianni  from her allotment in  Dundee does make a return and she will take us through what and how she is growing throughout the series.

Beechgrove Garden has grown in popularity with its no nonsense approach and advice aimed at all Gardeners and for all garden types big or small.

As well as showing us vegetable growing in allotment sized plots, they will also do a patio or pot sized version to be inclusive for all, and to get an opinion on the taste of the produce too is a bonus.

The presenters all have something different to give to the programme and all in all it's a cracking watch to give us all inspiration to 'Don' the wellies and gloves and get outside and Garden.

Beechgrove Presenters

Garden Team

Claire Howard

Lucinda McClintock


 Efi Papagianni 

Tv Programme

Episode 1 Thursday 04 April 2024


 Efi Papagianni 

Episode 2 Thursday 11 April 2024


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