James Wong

James Wong

James Wong the Ethnobotanist, Scientist and Gardener was born in London on 26 May 1981, his father is from Malaya and his Mother is from Wales.

He was brought up in Singapore, Malaysia, Borneo and other parts of South East Asia where his Grandmother taught him about traditional medicines. 

James studied at at the University of Kent before attending the Royal Botanical Gardens Kew where he gained an MSC in Ethnobotany.

From little acorns

James started his Gardener television career appearing as a presenter on Gardeners' world.

At the age of 27 James had his own highly successful television series Grow Your Own Drugs which was first shown on BBC2 in 2009 before moving to BBC1.

James Wong

In the programme James would grow, forage or buy natural ingredients and make remedies at home to treat every day conditions. 

It ran for 2 series as well as a Christmas special and also had books to accompany the series.

In 2010 James Wong documented his trip to Malaysia in the programme James Wong and the Malaysian Garden when he visited for inspiration for his 2010 RHS Chelsea Flower Show Garden.

After winning Silver in 2009 he goes for Gold for 2010 along with his designer partner David Cubero.

kampung', is the inspiration for his design which means 'village or community' but also 'traditional and natural'. 

We follow James, on his travels across the country from the City to remote areas where he meets indigenous community, who show him how they use plants for medicine and ceremony.

With just 20 days to get the garden completed in time for the prestigious RHS Chelsea Flower Show, James and David takes us through the build until Medal time!

James has also co-designed  RHS medal winning gardens, winning their first Gold Medal in 2010.

James has presented a mixture of programmes from Science, Gardening, Food and Nature programmes on various Channels as well as appearing on many more.

He has been a panellist on Radio 4 Gardeners Question time as well as writing for several publications including the Guardian.

James Wong also teaches  online indoor gardening courses and has his own seed range.


RHS Hampton Court

The Burgbad Sanctuary - Silver Medal
With David Cubero

RHS Chelsea Flower Show

The Canary Islands Spa Garden - Silver Meal
With David Cubero

The Tourism Malaysia Garden - Gold Medal
With David Cubero

TV Programme

James Wong Television Programmes

Gardeners' World

2009 - 2013

Grow Your Own Drugs Series 2
Grow Your Own Drugs For Christmas 

James Wong and the Malaysian Garden

2013 - 2015
Great British Garden Revival

Chelsea Flower Show

James Wong Books

Grow Your Own Drugs

Grow Your Own Drugs: A Year With James Wong

James Wong's Homegrown Revolution

RHS Grow for Flavour: Tips & Tricks to Supercharge the Flavour of Homegrown Harvests

How to Eat Better: How to Shop, Store & Cook to Make Any Food a Superfood

10-a-Day the Easy Way: Fuss-free Recipes & Simple Science to Transform your Health

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