Alan Gardner

Alan Gardner

Alan Gardner is known as the Autistic Gardener, the title of his highly acclaimed television programme.

Four facts are known about Alan Gardner

  1. Alan has Asperger's Syndrome
  2. He had a cactus at aged 15
  3. He had a seed catalogue
  4. He is an award winning gardener called A Gardner

The fifth fact could be, there is not a lot known about Alan Gardner personally but if his garden design is a reflection of him.

He holds nothing back when it comes to design ideas with his use of perspective, light, colour, surroundings, sound and planting schemes.

From little acorns

Alan's interest in gardening began during his teenage years. It quickly grew and it took over his parents suburban garden in Birmingham. 

At the age of 15 he was already entering his local flower show with his marigolds.

A job at Birmingham parks department followed.

Alan Gardner is a garden designer and has had over 40 award winning gardens since he first dug up his parents garden to fill it with seeds from his catalogue.

Alan was spotted by a Channel 4 Producer on YouTube talking about one of his award winning gardens and 'The Autistic Gardener' was to follow.

Alan is married to Mandy and they has 3 Children Hayden an Artist, Reiss a budding Fashion Designer and Deanna who is into animation & Illustration. 

Alan only received a diagnosis of Asperger's a few years ago, he has obviously always had his unique brain.

Thanks to the way he collects information and processes it we get to share in his inspirational talent for gardening and design. 

Alan Gardner

Alan Gardner is an ambassador for the Autism Society, his non neuro-typical brain, his brightly coloured hair and nail varnish has given us a glimpse into his unique way of seeing things through his Asperger's.  

We will never see the world the way Alan does, neuro-typical or not. Instead Alan opens our eyes and all our senses through his garden designs. 

Alan is an inspiration to all to unleash and embrace being different. Its not a negative. but a gift to grow and nurture!

When life gives you lemons

Alan had a heart attack and with a misdiagnosis of indigestion initially which could have be down to a high pain level. 

He now has a constant companion he has called Phil his Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD) to regulate his heart. 

Show gardens

Alan Gardner has shown at Chelsea flower show and has had over 40 award winning Show Gardens in total, I hope to list them all eventually, this is currently a work in progress.

RHS Chelsea Flower Show


'Out of the Blue' with leading turf specialist Lindum Bronze
'Out of the Blue'

Silver Medal winner with a Scandinavian style garden in conjunction with Viking River Cruises.
Alan medal winning Scandinavian style garden
Viking Cruises Article

Tatton Flower show

Brass Gold

The RHS Malvern Show

The Incredible Food Gallery

TV Programmes

Alan Gardner TV Programmes

The Autistic Gardener Series 1

Series Trailer

The Autistic Gardener Series 2

The Autistic Gardener

Episode 1: Lancashire - Pinky and Joe, £10,000

Episode 2: Bristol - Ig and Jo, £15,000

Episode 3: South London - Tim and Claire £15,00 and Jess and Carl £10,000


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