Dee Hart Dyke and Miranda Hart

Dee Hart Dyke

Dee Hart Dyke

Diana Margaret Luce was born in 1939, her father was the late Sir William Henry Tucker Luce and her mother was Margaret Napier. 

Her Father was a British Colonial Administrator and Diplomat and her Mother was the Daughter of the Commander in Chief America and West Indies.

Diana Hart Dyke has been married to David Hart Dyke since 1967. 

During the Falklands War he was Captain of The Coventry which on 25 May 1982 was attacked and sank with the loss of 19 lives.

Dee Hart Dyke has 2 daughters Miranda Hart and Alice Louisa Hart Dyke, who is also an actress.

Captain David Hart Dyke Miranda Hart and Dee Hart Dyke

Gardening runs in David's family too as his Nephew is Plant Hunter, Tom Hart Dyke, heir to Lullingstone Castle who featured in the TV programmes Save Lullingstone Castle (2006) and Return to Lullingstone Castle (2007).

Tom Hart Dyke

Diana Hart Dyke is a life long gardener after first being given a packet of seeds by her Mother. 

She has spent 30 years working up to 8 hours a day in her own 3 acre walled garden at Hambledon House in Hambledon, Hampshire.

Hambledon House

She is a plant judge for Royal Horticultural Society and Dee Hart Dyke's garden at Hambledon House has been open to the public for 27 years as part of the National Garden Scheme.

Miranda Hart

Miranda Hart

Miranda Hart (Dyke) was born 14 December 1972. She is a very talented comedienne, actress, writer and at a push a Gardener. 

That's all I am going to say about Miranda that is relevant to gardening. Here is her website for more information.


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