Garden Rescue 2023 Series 8

Garden Rescue 2023 Series 8

Garden Rescue returns for Series 8 on Monday 29 May 2023 on BBC1 in the afternoon slot.

Leading the Team of Garden Designers is the longest member Charlie Dimmock who has been in the programme since it was first shown in 2016

Returning is Garden Designer Lee Burkhill AKA The Ninja Gardener  who first appeared in Garden Rescue 2021 Series 6.

The last 2 members joined the Team in Garden Rescue 2022 Series 7 are Flo Headlam  and Chris Hull.

Garden Rescue 2023 Series 8 Team

The show returns with the same sort of format as previous series, where the homeowner needs help to design and landscape their garden usually to a theme, then calls in Garden Rescue.

Then 2 designers go head to head to win the chance of designing the garden.

This series the Garden owners give them a tour of the garden pointing out what they would like in the garden.

The homeowners then watch the Garden Plans being presented via a laptop by the Garden Designers.

Garden Rescue

They then decide which scheme to go with and the losing Designer helps the winning one do the garden.

The Contractors arrive and again play a big part in the programme and work alongside the Garden Designers.

Then we have the grand reveal to the surprised homeowner.

Unfortunately they have left the cringe moment of the losing Designer peeping round the corner to comment on the garden!

Has the format got old? Yes!  But do we still love a Garden Makeover show? Yes!

What keeps this popular Gardening Programme going is the Garden Designers, their Garden solutions which are affordable and do-able in our own gardens and learning a bit of gardening along the way.

The Landscapers feel part of the programme, not just there to do the hard graft and who doesn't love a bit of banter.

Landscape team

I would like to see a more realistic idea of costs, the homeowner has a few thousand pounds but gets a garden that for us to do would cost even more in raw materials and plants alone.

Obviously they do not pay for the labour of 5 landscapers and a Garden Designer!

A refresh of the format could be that they choose the Garden Designer without seeing the plans, with just a few hard landscaping items and plants for clues, then we would get a real shock reaction to the finished garden.

What would be nice is a show following up some of the most popular past gardens to see what happened to them.

With the programme now in its 8th series and viewers still keen to have their gardens done, this easy watching afternoon delight continues to be popular.


Lucinda Lawrence

Landscape Contractors
Andy Land - Project Manager
Colin Anderson
Kyle Haynes
Russell 'Gruff' Harris
Jamie Ogilvie
Leigh Pugh
Alan Stewart
Taurey Meade
Andy Dean

Television Programme

Episode 1: Marlborough

Episode 2: Merthyr Tydfil  

Episode 3: Hereford

Episode 4: Groby

Episode 5: Wigan

Episode 6: Swindon

Episode 7: Derby

Episode 8: Coalville

Episode 9: Leeds
Episode 10: Runcorn

Episode 11: Redditch

Episode 12: Wokingham

Episode 13: Sutton Coldfield

Episode 14: Nottingham

Episode 15: Telford

Episode 16: Southampton

Episode 17: Wilmslow

Episode 18: Burton Latimer

Episode 19: Warrington

Episode 20: Southampton West End

Restarted on 04 September 2023

Episode 21: Liverpool

Episode 22: Muxton

Episode 23: Stoke-on-Trent

Episode 24: Newport
Episode 25: Fareham
Episode 26: Frenchay

Episode 27: Gloucester

Episode 28: Winchester

Episode 29: Leicester

Episode 30: Bolton 

Episode 31: Exeter

Episode 32: Keynsham

Episode 33: Cheadle

Episode 34: Sheffield

Episode 35: Hemel Hempstead

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  1. Is Season 8 over at Episode 20?

    1. There are 35 Episodes in Series 8, I assume they are on a break before showing the rest of Garden Rescue.
      Hope you are enjoying the blog
      Pete Free 🌻

    2. I just love watching Charlie and the rest of the team . They do brilliant make overs 👏 . This is such great TV time for me the end results are just wonderful. Long may this program continue. X.

    3. When will the break end?

    4. Good Evening
      Series 8 resumes on Monday 4th September at 3.45pm on BBC1
      Kind regards
      Pete Free 🌻

  2. Not sure why we need a “shock” — people are handing over their gardens fir our viewing pleasure, they should be able to decide what that should look like. They say each episode that the labour on the show is free and that is the real win— you get high-quality design and handiwork for relatively little money. The German equivalent charges for everything and folk end up paying 20-35,000 Euros for a garden, though they have now started a format where owners help and that brings costs down to 10k or so… Still a lot of money!