Love Your Garden Series 8

Love Your Garden Series 8

Alan Titchmarsh introduces us to the 8th series of Love Your Garden which was first aired on 24 July 2018.

Alan is again joined by his trusty team of David DomoneyKatie Rushworth  and  Frances Tophill.

In series 8 the 45 minute episodes see the Team going from Fareham to Yorkshire to transform gardens for people that are deserving of a garden makeover.

The series starts with Betty Richards, a sight impaired fundraiser, who current garden is a multi-level concrete jungle but the team transform it to a Italian inspired safe haven for her to enjoy. 

Love your Garden Series 8

Sunken seating area, a summer house and gazebo all easily assessible for Betty who hopefully enjoyed the garden for the fundraiser who had abseiled down the Spinnaker Tower 6 times.

Betty sadly died in February 2023 at the age of 95.

Love your Garden Series 8

The series ran for the usual 8 episodes and the garden designs included a Music Festival, a Bling flower garden, a Yorkshire style Cottage Garden and a Sensory Beach.

Every episode is a story of inspirational people either helping others or living with illnesses or disabilities or caring for someone who does, for who a new garden would be a life changing event.

One of the most inspirational Love Your Garden Episode of this series was that of  65 year old, Jim Thompson who although he was terminally ill was committed to raise awareness and money or Prostrate Cancer Charities.

Well known in the local community he had also starred in their own 'Calendar Guys' style naked calendar.

Love Your Garden Series 8

This episode was also shown again in 2020 in a shorten version in Love Your English Country Garden 

Whether you are a fan of Love Your Garden for the back stories of the garden recipients, for Alan and his team or just for the garden makeovers. 

This programme can have you in tears to happiness as quick as they seem to be able to makeover these gardens to fit the time slot.

Love Your Garden continues to be an armchair gardeners favourite.

Love Your Garden Team



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TV Programme

Love Your Garden Series 8

Love Your Garden Series 8 Episode 1 - Betty Richards From Fareham

Love Your Garden Series 8 Episode 2 - Nathan Cumberland from Newark

Love Your Garden Series 8 Episode 3 - Pat Wade from Basildon, Essex

Love Your Garden Series 8 Episode 4 - Roisin Pelan from Preston

Love Your Garden Series 8 Episode 5 - Irene Hicks from Cardiff Wales

Love Your Garden Series 8 Episode 6 - Fiona Kirlew from Nottingham

Love Your Garden Series 8 Episode 7 - Jim Thompson from Yorkshire

Love Your Garden Series 8 Episode 8 - Jeroume, Onessa & Elijah Cariazo from Hackney

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